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The Rock Bottom

Welcome to the TRB-MUX Wiki. We are an old World of Darkness game running TinyMUX 2.6, set in Miami in 1998. If you're looking for a newbie-friendly RP game to play, you've come to the right place!


Currently the entirety of staff lives in the United States, so there will be times that staff will not be available. Please don't hesitate to contact us nonetheless with an in-game @mail. You can also reach us at moc.evil|xumbrt#moc.evil|xumbrt!

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Game address: omen.digitalgenesis.com:1222
Connect by IP address:

What you're looking at is a telnet address to connect to the server where the game is hosted. You can use a program like PuTTy to get onto the game but it's counterintuitive and a pain in the neck to deal with. Instead, you can look for clients like

  • MushCLIENT
  • BeipMU
  • SimpleMU
  • cMud
  • zMud
  • Trebuchet
  • GMud32
  • Atlantis (for Macs)

And a few others. Those listed above are easily found in the Internet (there are even apps for mu* clients on smartphones).

When you open the client, you plug in the above information (omen.digitalgenesis.com for the address, 1222 for the port) and connect! Logging in is a simple matter of typing 'connect guest guest' to just pass by and check out the place, or 'create <a new username> <your desired password' if you want to make an account with us for good! Then, you can type +help or +beginner if reading howtos and instructions are your thing, or you can type +staff to see connected users who are available to help you. Type "page <screen name> = <message>" to contact any given person on a one-on-one level, or "pub <message>" to send a message onto the public channel so everybody can see it.

Don't want to download a client? Then you can still find us on TMC's flash-based client!

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