Ananasi Lore

Ananasi Lore 1: The Barely Informed

  • A secret society of Shapeshifting Spiders exists and seekes to keep itself hidden
  • Basic understanding of the conflict between Weaver, Wyrm and Wyld
  • Understand the needs and banes (fire and toxins, blood) of an Ananasi's existence
  • An Ananasi's birthrights (Shapechanging, contact with spirits)
  • How these birthrights are used
  • Spirits can gift an Ananasi with individual powers
  • Social standing and reputation are represented by a Rank system
  • All Ananasi serve Queen Ananasa

Ananasi Lore 2: Broad Familiarity with the Legends

  • Has a basic understanding of the major events in Ananasi history
  • Understands that Queen Ananasa has been, for eons now, held captive by the Wyrm and knows the general story of how this came to be
  • Knows that one of the prime goals of the Ananasi is to see Queen Ananasa freed
  • Queen Ananasa commanded all Ananasi to serve the ideals of the Triat as it used to be
  • Some Ananasi serve the Weaver, some the Wyld, and some the Wyrm
  • Ananasi of the Weaver and the Wyrm seek to do the work that these two now neglect
  • Some say the world will end when the Wyrm eventually succeeds in swallowing everything that exists
  • Know about the nine different types of Ananasi and can describe at least a little bit about each
  • Understands the Ananasi's relationship with the Spirits
  • Knows about the Gauntlet and the Umbra
  • Knows that both the Weaver and the Wyld have created their own changing breeds.
  • Knows about the War of Rage in which the other shifters made war on the Ananasi and each other
  • The Weaver's changers were the insect races, but Ananasa ordered them destroyed, so the Ananasi destroyed them
  • May have heard vague rumors about the Near Umbral Realms
  • Knows some of the Gifts available to them that they don't already have
  • Heard horror stories about Black Spiral Dancers
  • Very basic knowledge of places of import to the Ananasi around the world
  • Outsiders would know of one or two Ananasi gifts they have witnessed or heard about

Ananasi Lore 3

  • Understands the full history of the Ananasi, the Queen and her current imprisonment as per the Ananasi Changing Breeds book
  • Knows most of the Gifts available to them, except those of the Eldest Ananasi
  • Have encountered many Formor and Wyrm servants and have a general understanding of what they are and some of their common powers
  • Has a basic knowledge of the most notable Ananasi (Rank 4 and 5) in history and around the world.
  • Outsiders will have seen three or more Ananasi gifts and recognizes them as powers of the Ananasi. They will also most likely have spoken to at least one Ananasi.

Ananasi Lore 4: Knows a Few of the Great Secrets

  • Detailed knowledge of Ananasi history
  • Has been to the homelands in Africa at least once
  • Knows about Drones and other Weaver creations including pattern spiders and the like

Ananasi Lore 5: What most Elders Know

  • Probably a Major player in the Ananasi society - you know enough people and know enough information to make an informed decision about Nationwide and Worldwide matters.
  • You feel the pain of Ananasa's imprisonment and her Creator's madness.
  • This level of knowledge is very rare - Use WW sourcebooks and ST discretion