Anarch Lore

Level 1 - What a known Anarch would know

  • Understands rep system
  • Has heard of the Convention of Thorns
  • Knows of the several interpretations of the Edict of Barbs
  • Understands the difference between mortal anarchy and theAnarch Movement
  • Understands how one goes about becoming a brother
  • Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the rep of another Anarch

Level 2 - What a proven Anarch would know

  • Knows several interpretations of the Convention of Thorns
  • Can name a few of the more well-known gangs
  • Can name a few of the more prominent lone wolves
  • Knows that Anarchs are divided into factions
  • Has probably heard of Danton/Exsangue
  • Has heard of Anarch Curses
  • Can make a roll to determine the gang of another Anarch (or if they are a Lone Wolf)

Level 3 - What an established Anarch would know

  • Knows basic history of the modern Anarch Movement
  • Can identify a few Anarch-held territories
  • Can name a number of Anarch gangs
  • Can name a number of Lone Wolves
  • Understands the different Anarch factions (moderates, terrorists and militants)
  • Has heard of Anarch Rituals
  • Understands what one Anarch Curses does
  • Aware of prominent Anarchs (Andi, Blade, Top, Stryfe, etc.)
  • Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the faction of another Anarch

Level 4 - What a studied Anarch would know

  • Knows something about the causes behind the original Anarch Revolt and its history
  • Knows about the Golden Age of Piracy
  • Can name most Anarch-held territories
  • Understands what one Anarch Rituals does
  • Understands what all of the Anarch Curses do
  • Has heard the legends of the great Anarchs (Galaric, Troile, Caine)
  • Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the history/background of another Anarch

Level 5 - What an Elder Anarch would know

  • Knows the entire history of the Anarch Movement, past and present
  • Knows that the original Anarchs became the Sabbat
  • Understands why the Sabbat hate the Anarchs so much
  • Understands all of the Anarch Rituals
  • Likely present (or at least alive) at the signing of the Convention of Thorns
  • May have participated in the original Anarch Revolt
  • Can garner rep, gang (or Lone Wolf), faction, and background history of another Anarch without a Challenge