• Feral Whispers
Roll: No roll is necessary to communicate with the animal, but to issue a command, it's Man. + Animal Ken, difficulty variable.
With eye contact, the vampire may communicate with an animal, and request favors… if the animal feels like listening. Animals that have no eyes are unreachable. The simpler the creature, the more difficult it is to connect with its Beast. Insects, invertebrates and most fish (not sharks) are too simple to communicate with.

Difficulty Chart

Predatory Mammal (wolf, cat, bat) 6
Mammals and predatory birds (rats, owls) 7
Birds and reptiles (pigeons, snakes) 8

The difficulty is reduced by 1 if the character speaks to the animal in its 'native tongue'. The number of successes dictates how strongly the command is heeded.

•• Beckoning
Roll: Cha. + Survival, difficulty 6
By making an animal call, the vampire can summon animals of a particular species who can hear her call. However, she can only call one species at a time. A call can not be retracted.
1 suc. One animal responds.
2 suc. A quarter of the animals in range respond.
3 suc. Half of the amimals in range respond.
4 suc. Most of the animals in range respond.
5 suc. All of the animals in range respond.

••• Quell the Beast
Roll: Man. + Empathy, difficulty 7
Demand: successes = Willpower or more
A Vampire who develops this power may assert his will over a mortal subject, subduing the Beast within her. This quenches all powerful, assertive emotions — hope, fury, inspiration — within the target. The Kindred must either touch his subject ore stare into her eyes to channel his will effectively. Mortals who lack the fire of their inner Beasts are quite tractable, reacting to even stressful situations with indifference. Even the most courageous mortal becomes apathetic and listless, while an especially sensitive individual my suffer from a phobic derangement while under the power's influence. Different clans evoke this power in different ways to an identical effect and call it different things. Tzimisce, Cowing the Beast. Nosferatu, Song of Serenity. Gangrel, Quell the Beast.
Roll: Man + Intimidation if forcing through fear, and Man + Empathy if soothing into complacency. Difficulty 7 in either case. This is an extended action requiring as many total successes as the target has in Willpower. Failure indicates the player must start over from the beginning, while a botch indicates the vampire may never again affect that subject's beast. When a used on a mortal, she can no longer use or regain Willpower, ceases all struggles, and doesn't eve ndefend herself if assaulted (though is entitled to a willpower roll if her life is threatened). To recover from this power, it's a Willpower vs 6 roll once per day until she accumulates enough successes equal to the vampires willpower. Kindred themselves can not be affected by this power.

•••• Subsume the Spirit
Roll: Cha. + Animal Ken, difficulty 8
With eye contact, the vampire may possess an animal, but goes into torpor in so doing. Less than three successes means that willpower points must be spent if an act is against an animal’s instincts.
Roll: Man + Animal Ken (vs 8), only beasts with eyes can be successed.

1 suc. Successful possession of the animal.
2 suc. As above. Also, Auspex can be used.
3 suc. As above. Also, Presence can be used.
4 suc. As above. Also, Dominate can be used.
5 suc. As above. Also, Thaumaturgy can be used.

This occasionally leads to the vampire retaining some instincts of the animal; a roll of Wits + Empathy, difficulty 8, may be required for the vampire to reclaim her mind afterward.

••••• Drawing out the Beast
Roll: Man. + Animal Ken, difficulty 8
The vampire may transfer her Beast to someone else, who will frenzy instead of her. This is an unnatural frenzy, however, as the victim is channelign the Kindred's own fury. As such, the vampire's own behavior and even speech patterns are evident in the subject's savage actions.
1 suc. The Beast is transferred to an unintended target.
2 suc. The Beast is transferred, but the vampire is exhausted, and gets no actions the next turn.
3 suc. The Beast is transferred to its intended target.
If the victim leaves while in frenzy, the vampire’s Beast will be left within the victim, and she may have to go to some lengths to regain it. In the meantime, she may not use or regain Willpower, is incapable of frenzy, and slowly becomes more and more apathetic and incapable of creative thought, until she regains her Beast. The victim is affected in the opposite way.

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