Scouts and spies, tricksters and clowns; Ragabash Garou have many names for themselves, but the most traditional is perhaps "Questioner of the Ways." The Garou call upon those born beneath the New Moon to investigate the secrets of the world, both gathering intelligence on enemies and revealing the foibles of those who serve Gaia.

  • Duties: Gather information on enemy activity, and discover new incursions of the Wyrm's corruption. Investigate wrongdoing among the Garou and bring evidence before the Philodox for judgment. Ask questions that challenge others' habitual ways of thinking. Mock the proud, lighten heavy hearts, and avoid becoming too predictable.
  • Starting Rage: One

Basic Gifts

Alter Scent
Cost: One Gnosis
Effect: You replace the scent coming from your body with any other scent you know. Attempts to track you by your scent fail, unless the foe has Heightened Senses, in which case they get a Simple Test to uncover your true scent; if they win (not tie), they cannot be fooled this way for the rest of the session.
Duration: One Scene or Hour

Blissful Ignorance
Required: You must remain still, make no noise, and don't interacting with your environment.
Effect: You can render yourself invisible to all senses, technology, and even spirits. You are undetectable as long as you are perfectly still and quiet. Cross your arms over your chest to indicate you're using this Gift.
Duration: Until you move, make noise, or interact with your environment.

Blur of the Milky Eye
Required: Move no faster than half your speed, make no noise louder than a whisper, and don't interact with your environment.
Challenge: If someone is looking for you, they must defeat you in a Mental Challenge.
Retest: Stealth (you), Investigation (those looking for you)
Effect: Your appearance blurs away into a haze, difficult to notice for all but the sharpest eyes. Others can only notice you by sight if you visibly disturb the environment, in which case they get the Mental Challenge described above to see through it. You must move no faster than half speed and must make noise no louder than a whisper.
Duration: Until you move faster than half your speed, make noise louder than a whisper, or interact with your environment.

Challenge: Mental vs. target (and you get a two-trait bonus versus your own packmates)
Retest: Subterfuge
Followup Cost: 1-5 Social Traits
Effect: You stop someone from saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. They cannot communicate verbally for the duration of the gift. It's just a temporary solution, causing someone to forget their train of thought or stumble over their words — and it's especially useful for preventing packmates from saying something stupid.
Duration: 1 turn per Social Trait spent

Open Seal
Challenge: Static Gnosis vs. local Gauntlet rating
Retest: Security
Effect: No lock or closed device is closed to you. With barely a gesture and an expression of desire, you open any non-mystically closed device.

Scent of Running Water
Activation Time: At will
Effect: Your scent is washed away from the world as if you had just stepped through a river. All challenges trying to track you by scent suffer two-Trait penalty.

Sense of the Prey
Required: Knowledge of your target; the target is in the same realm as you
Challenge: Mental vs. target if they are actively hiding; automatic success if they're not
Retest: Enigmas
Effect: If you're target is in the same realm as you (Earth, the Penumbra, a particular Umbral Realm, etc.), then you gain an unerring sense of which direction you must go to find them. You can move directly towards them as fast as you are able to travel.

Slip of the Tongue
Required: Engage your target in a conversation about the topic
Challenge: Social vs. target
Retest: Subterfuge
Effect: You have a deft and mystical knack for getting others to reveal more than they intend. Once you have the target talking about a topic, using this gift forces them to make an inadvertent remark on something they wished to hide regarding the topic. (E.g., "That's ridiculous, officer, if I wanted dispose of the murder weapon, I'd have thrown it into the incinerator down at the dump of 34th and Elm!")

Taking the Forgotten
Required: You've taken something from the target
Challenge: Mental vs. target
Retest: Stealth (you); Streetwise (your target)
Effect: You've become such an effective thief that your mark forgets ever having owned what you stole from them. Items like Fetishes, however, may trigger memories of their own in their former owner — the victim may make a Mental Challenge at Storyteller discretion to "recall" that they once owned a similar Fetish, but no details about how it went missing. Fetishes that are attuned to an owner may even make their own attempt to return.
Duration: Permanent

Trickster Beacon
Required: Touch your target
Frequency: The Gift can only be used once per lunar month, and once per season against a particular target.
Initial Cost: One Gnosis
Challenge: Mental vs. target
Retest: Enigmas
Followup Cost: 1-5 Social Traits
Effect: You tag a victim with a spiritual mark that draws trickster-spirits and makes their life interesting (in the ancient-Chinese-curse sense) for a few days. These spirits will play nonlethal pranks on the target like stealing small important items, locking doors, and mimicking voices. In the Umbra, these spirits distract and jeer at them, ensuring they get lost if they try to travel.
Duration: A number of days equal to the Social Traits spent

Intermediate Gifts

Fog of War
Required: Perform a song
Initial Cost: One Gnosis
Challenge: Social vs. the number of enemies
Retest: Performance
Followup Cost: 1-5 Social Traits
Effect: You perform a song whose melodies inspire confusion and fugue in your enemies. At the beginning of every turn, enemies within earshot must throw a Rock-Paper-Scissors test. A win means they are unaffected, a tie puts them down three Traits on all Perceptive Challenges (or synonyms) for that turn, and on a loss they lose all ties on challenges for the turn.
Duration: One turn per Social Trait spent

Fool's Luck
Cost: One Gnosis
Effect: With the blessing of the spirits of deception, you receive a free retest on all challenges involving trickery or stealth. You only get this retest once per challenge, and if you lose, you can't use attempt any further retests.
Duration: One Scene or Hour

Required: You touch the device to be affected
Challenge: Static Social vs. variable difficulty — 6 for complex electronics like computers, 9 for simple electronics like lighting, 12 for machines like cars, and 15 for simple tools like knives
Retest: Intimidation
Followup Cost: 0-2 Social Traits
Effect: Your touch terrifies the spirit of a device, disrupting it and possibly destroying it. It stops functioning for the duration.
Duration: One Scene or Hour; or, if one Social Trait was spent, the rest of the session; or if two Social Traits were spent, the breakdown is permanent.

Required: You are making accusations you believe to be true
Challenge: static Social vs. twice the target's Willpower, plus 1 Trait for each prior use of the gift during this lunar month
Retest: Subterfuge
Effect: The blessing of your moon allows you to impede others' efforts to attack or punish you while you are speaking uncomfortable truths about them. Your target must win a Willpower challenge against you to attack or punish you for the duration of this gift. If you try to use this opportunity to say untrue things about your target, the spirits themselves may strike back at you (at the Storyteller's discretion).
Duration: One Scene or Hour, or until you make an accusation you don't think is entirely true

Luna's Blessing
Required: While using the gift, you must be able to see the moon clearly in the night sky (yes, that means it doesn't work during the new moon)
Activation Time: At will
Effect: As long as Luna's light shines on you, she protects you against the curse of silver. You regenerate damage from silver as if it were merely lethal. If the moon is full, this effect is increased: those who attack you with silver weapons and fail must make two Simple Tests. If both tests fail, your attacker takes damage from their own weapon.

Madness Season
Required: The target must be able to see you (although there's no need for eye contact)
Cost: One Gnosis
Challenge: Social vs. target
Retest: Subterfuge
Effect: You reach into the target's psyche and twist, reducing them to a twitching ball of insanity. They are unable to act for the duration of the gift.
Duration: A number of turns equal to your permanent Gnosis, or until the target takes damage.

Open Moon Bridge
Required: You're at a Caern
Cost: One Gnosis
Effect: With or without the cooperation of a Caern Totem, you open a moon bridge as per the Rite of the Opened Bridge. This bridge can extend up to one thousand miles and end anywhere.

The Usual Suspects
Required: A clear view or strong scent of your target
Activation Time: Three turns
Cost: One Gnosis
Challenge: Mental vs. target
Retest: Enigmas
Effect: You have a knack for keeping mystical awareness about others' whereabouts. If your challenge succeeds, you gain a constant sense of your target's general location. You may track a number of targets this way equal to your permanent Gnosis rating.
Duration: Permanent

Whelp Body
Frequency: The gift works once, ever, against a given target.
Initial Cost: One Gnosis
Challenge: Gnosis vs. target
Retest: Medicine
Followup Cost: 0-5 Gnosis
Effect: You utter a curse on your foe, dooming their body to sickness and palsy. You remove a number of base Physical Traits from your target (your choice) equal to the total number of Gnosis you spend activating the gift (including the initial cost). The target can regain these Traits by spending Experience points as usual, but suffering from these effects is such a grave insult between Garou that using it on a fellow Gaian warrior can be understood as a declaration of war.
Duration: Permanent

Advanced Gifts

Thieving Talons of the Magpie
Required: You have enough knowledge about a power to specify it, and you can accomplish its own requirements
Challenge: Mental vs. target
Retest: Occult
Followup Cost: 1-5 Gnosis
Effect: You steal others' supernatural abilities for a short period of time. Use this gift to take other Gifts, spirit Charms, vampire Disciplines, mage Spheres, etc. While you have the stolen power, your target cannot use it. Use your current Gnosis total in place of any Trait that Garou don't normally possess, like Blood, Glamour, etc.
Duration: A number of turns equal to the Gnosis you spent

Thousand Forms
Cost: One Gnosis
Challenge: static Mental vs. variable difficulty — 8 Traits for an animal about your size, 11 Traits for a much larger creature, 15 Traits for a much smaller one, or 18 Traits for a mythical creature
Retest: Animal Ken

Effect: Embodying the classic trope of the trickster as a shapeshifter, you can change into any animal form between the size of a bluebird and a bison. You can even take on the shapes of mythical creatures, although you can't become a wyrm-beast of any sort. You can all the standard powers of the animal in question, such as flight, gills, poisonous fangs, etc.
Duration: Until you choose to end the effect

Turn the Moon
Initial Cost: One Willpower
Challenge: Social vs. target
Retest: Primal Urge
Followup Cost: 1-5 Social Traits
Effect: In order to share a new viewpoint or punish someone who is too proud of their role, you can give a fellow Garou a new Auspice of your choice for a time. Your target loses all access to their usual auspice gifts, and their Rage adjusts to the base minimum of the auspice. Even their thinking changes for a while, drawn to the stereotype of their new role. They cannot learn any Gifts of their new auspice during this time, however.
Duration: A number of days equal to the Social Traits spent

Challenge: two: first, a Physical vs. target, then an extended Mental vs. target
Retest: Brawl for the Physical Challenge; Empathy for the Mental
Effect: With a physical touch and a psychic blow, you shatter an opponent's confidence. They cannot spend Rage or Willpower until they recover at the end of the gift's duration.
Duration: Determined by the number of successes you win on the extended Mental challenge: one success, the scene; two successes, two scenes; three successes, the session; four successes, two sessions.

Weakest Link
Initial Cost: One Willpower
Challenge: Social vs. the person in the pack with the best Social Traits
Retest: Enigmas
Followup Cost: 1-5 Social Traits
Effect: At a glance, you deftly puzzle apart the dynamics of a given pack. For each Social Trait you spent, you may learn one pack-specific fact from one pack member, such as who they call pack alpha, who their Totem is, their pack's strength or weakness, etc.