Caitiff Lore

Caitiff Lore 1 - What Neonate or Childer with basic teachings would know.

  • Caitiff are Clanless
  • Caitiff are looked down on by clans and princes
  • Caitiff can be adopted into clans and generally be treated much better (but still never full members of the clan)
  • Which clans are more sympathetic to the Caitiff
  • Various ways a Caitiff is created (embrace, cast out of clan, etc.)—some reasons for the prejudices against Caitiff
  • Features (or lack thereof) of Caitiff vs. clan blood.
  • There are prophecies about Caitiff that Caitiff will cause bad things to happen
  • How to survive as a Caitiff (general need for clan sponsorship, etc.)

Caitiff Lore 2 - What a well rounded member of the Clan would know

  • Knowledge of inside Caitiff world (phone system, prominent Caitiff, etc.)
  • Knowledge of prominent Caitiff haters
  • Knowledge of varying philosophies about Caitiff not commonly spoken among the clans (Caitiff superiority, Caine was a Caitiff, etc.)
  • Heard rumours of Joseph Pander and the Sabbat Panders

Caitiff Lore 3 - What a student of the Clan would know

  • Knowledge of some basic interpretations of the Gehenna prophecies
  • Knowledge of recent Caitiff history (the Alexi Darba revolt), how they were treated, prominent Caitiff in the past
  • Knowledge of the Panders, how they succeeded, how they are treated in the Sabbat, etc

Caitiff Lore 4 - What a dedicated scholar of the Clanless would know

  • Heard of legendary Caitiff such as the Stoneman
  • In-depth understanding of the interpretation of the Gehenna prophecies about Caitiff

Caitiff Lore 5 - What a dedicated scholar is able to find out after centuries of research.

  • Some Caitiff have been known to become very "PARANOID" (Derangement) after learning so much about Caitiff.
  • This level reflects knowledge of various fragmentary legends and histories. As there is no universal or "collective" history, they are not universal. Instead, legends and rumors the scholar has heard will be dependant specifically on what areas he has researched.
  • Know the origin of some blood-Caitiff elders
  • This level reflects an understanding of the various knowledge and information available from level 4.