Adjo Wasen "The Ghost-Who-Strides"

An albino metis, tends to be a wandering judge though more a mover and a shaker to get the spider webs clear



Average height for one of his race, this male presents a lithesome presence. A wild spray of white messy hair pulled back in a tight tail tops off his head, hanging in past the breadth of his shoulders. Angular features stand boldly out from within his narrow face, hawk-like nose dominating the center, a slash marked scar splitting his face across his nose. A white beard sprouts from his chin, braided tightly down over his neck. Almond-shaped eyes glimmer crimson beneath a pair of light brows, their tone taking on a slightly silver shimmer. Taut flesh white in color stretches over this male man's sturdy frame, varying scars riddled about as a telltale of a life hard spent.
Adjo wears simple but durable clothing, well worn and faded blue jeans, sturdy DC sneakers, with a sunbleached shirt. Almost always on his head is his bush hat, and during the day a pair of sunglasses covers his eyes.


Born a metis in a Get of Fenris Sept. Stereotypically hard life, wanders from sept to sept getting them back in order and rallying them for the fight against the wyrms.(Of course there is more but he'll have to know you to tell you.)

RP Hooks and Notes

Adjo wants to whip the sept back into shape and get them fighting the Leeches
As a Silent Strider he holds a special hatred for those damnable blood suckers.

After that, he's actually a rather nice guy and I'm for any type of RP


Isabeau : She really did bring a bear to a beach didn't she?
Luke : He really may have women problems and more
Jessie : A great little sister with a huge foul mouth
Dori : Hey there goregeous