Antanas Vilkas

The Camarilla could use some Samizdat.

A socialite's smile under sharp flint eyes, Antanas Vilkas is the man who is dangerous because he doesn't understand why what he's doing is wrong, doesn't seem to realize that he is a monster, and probably won't care when it dawns on him, if it ever does.

His papers are plain, unassuming and consistent: a businessman with no criminal record, and with parents and a sister in Vilnius, Lithuania. Only recently is he a US citizen, but he's climbed his way up a corporate ladder, managing a furniture warehouse. There are rumors, if you ask the right people, that a few of the crates are filled with coffee beans, and not because he ships java.

Antanas Kazlauskas was born in the late 20s in Vilnius, a fought-over region of Lithuania that has imposed upon by the Polish, the Russians, the Germans…Name it. He had a financially poor upbringing but held rich and close ties to his immediate family: his mother, father, his older sister and brother. Unfortunately, when the Russians came to town in the early 40s, life for his family was violently perversed into homeless and abused misery until he found a way to remove himself from his personal hellhole after the tearing apart of his family. He made a break for Kaunas, a county next door, in an attempt to embetter his life. As a young adult he was pulled into riots, anti-Soviet rallies, and underground press for a free Lithuania — and noticed for his involvement in the latter. He actually knew his sire long before he had a clue: the Tzimisce controlled an off-the-map printing press that Antanas and his small group of collaborators depended upon. Antanas often fell into conversation with the people there. His sire observed from afar and took an interest in him for his resourcefulness, quickness of thought, and found Antanas's dream of going to America to find a good college … cute. Besides, something of a maladjusted loner for his struggles with shellshock, Antanas wouldn't exactly be *missed*.

RP Hooks

  • Vampire: Vilkas is a Wynwood Templar.
  • Werewolf: Vilkas is looking to do business with the Black Spiral Dancers.
  • Hunter: Oh, he'll remotely tip off these guys any day to take out any Camarilla "kindred".
  • Mage: Can't say he knows any … He might want to dissect one of them.