Antoine Kuneaux

Antoine Kuneaux


Antoine Kuneaux, Galliard Glasswalker, is the head of Iron Riser Architects in overtown and the head of his pack, the Architects, whose M.O. is to monitor Dodge City's ports.



RP Hooks and Notes

Currently they have flagged NSC Plastics as corrupted and work (although a little bit tensely) with the Rokea and the Garou duo Travis and Luke to compromise their factories and workers, to put it nicely, so as to spread them thin and paranoid while they destroy them financially backstage on the Internet and within the company's social infrastructure.


  • The Architects
    • Amanda Wainwright
    • James Kelsey
    • Michael Ruiz
  • Other Gaians
    • Travis
    • Luke
    • Jagged-Tide