A young drug delivery man.


'Pretty boy' might be the first descriptor that comes to mind when looking at Arden. He stands at just around 5'9", with a lithe, wiry frame that is not totally devoid of muscle, but ultimately a little thin. His brown hair is cut short with long bangs that he seems to have a hard time keeping a handle on. Big blue eyes are framed by long lashes. His facial features speak of some vague androgynous quality to them, offset by the dark stubble that runs along his jaw.


Arden's childhood, while uneventful, was ultimately disappointing. He turned to drug use in his early teenage years, dabbling in everything from booze to coke to pot. Eventually he decided to be reasonable and just stick to booze and pot, with the occasional bit of coke to calm him down. Arden started running with street gangs in high school and got busted one fateful night, thus ending his hard-partying ways when he was put on probation and community service for the rest of his teen years.

After that, it was game on. Arden has smooth talked his way into a somewhat cushy gig as a drug delivery man. It pays reasonably better than anything he might have done after a few years at a crappy community college.


RP Hooks and Notes

  • Honeyed Tongue: Arden's a smooth talker.
  • Incorrigible Flirt: Arden will flirt with anything that moves no matter how much it gets him into trouble
  • Addiction: Alcohol is on the top tier, cocaine is on the lowest rung, and if you consider marijuana addictive, that'd fit right in the middle.
  • Inferiority Complex: When it comes to his family.
  • Kinfolk: Arden knows a lot about werewolves.
  • Downey: He's a seasoned and good liar.
  • Criminal Past: Duh!
  • Dr. Feelgood: He's the man with the hook up for a little puff puff.

Help me make my character miserable… but maybe not a total butt monkey.

I'm easy going about whatever happens IC as long as it's strictly IC. I'm not generally a pansy about whatever gets thrown my way IC as long as it's not death, though eventually I'm sure I'll be open to that too. Such is my sadomasochistic nature.

I will RP just about anything from chit chat to extreme gore and violence. If it's someone's preference that we skip it, I will, and I expect the same courtesy to extend to me if I ever ask to skip a scene that's a little too heavy.

I rely more on character development through roleplay than stats. Sometimes I'm a slow poser but I hope the quality of my poses can make up for it. And the quantity. Oh lawdz, the quantity.

I like my RP partners to have a working knowledge of the English language and to keep the drama IC and be cool OOC. Be cool!


  • Breaking The Law by Judas Priest: Feel as though no one cares if I live or die, so might as well put some action into my life.
  • Feel Good Hit of The Summer by Queens of The Stone Age: Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol. Cocaine!
  • I Love Livin' In The City by Fear: Spent my whole life in the city where junk is king and the air smells shitty.
  • Jurassitol by Filter: When will you learn? I'm not your boy.
  • New In Town by Little Boots: I'm gonna take you out tonight, I'm gonna make you feel alright, I don't have a lot of money but we'll be fine, no I don't have a penny but I'll show you a real good time.
  • Pssyche by The Killing Joke: You're alone in the pack, you're feeling like you want to go home. You're feeling unfinished but you keep going.
  • Round and Round by Ratt: Out on the streets, that's where we'll meet. You make the night, I always cross the line.
  • Too Drunk To Fuck by Dead Kennedys: Went to a party, danced all night. Drank sixteen beers and started up a fight.


  • Anna: Attractive attention whore or just misunderstood? Need to look into this as long as it doesn't get me killed/maimed.
  • Chamberlain: Not sure what's up with him but I think he likes me.
  • Jessie: Maybe the least crazy person I've met recently. Frightening.
  • Justice Rat: Best crime-fighting friends forever.
  • Recket: Avoid forever kthx.
  • Sidrya: Your friends scares me and I'm worried that you're mildly insane. Still, you're very magnetic…