Argyle Digorino

Argyle Digorino is that guy everybody eventually has to deal with to meet their material needs. The owner of a pawnshop over in Miami Beach, he's the man to talk to if you want to get something that you can't find anywhere else. Guns, watches, keys to other people's cars. He's a nice enough guy for the most part, but he is kinda known for his short fuse and amazing temper.


Argyle's a short, slightly chubby Italian guy. He's usually found wearing one of his variety of Hawaiian shirts and a pair of overly worn cargo pants.


Argyle comes from NYC and runs the Little Sicily Pawn shop down on Miami Beach. He's usually accompanied by his assistant manager, Jimmy "Two-Dice" Mancini, another in a long line of fat, hairy, foul-mouthed Italians. Neither of them are doing anything to kill the stereotype plaguing Italian Americans everywhere.

RP Hooks and Notes

If you want to have some kinda character tie to Argyle, understand that he's a.) a Nosferatu, b.) has wavering ideas about what the Camarilla means to him, and c.) has only been in Miami a few months as of 1998.

If you want to RP with Argyle, send me a mail or a page. Argyle's always willing to barter, and will help people out with things, for a price.


Jimmy "Two Dice" Mancini - Assistant Manager