"Screw industry. I miss the west."
-Spoken to Ellie, concerning his age.

"We don' run from Vampires, Ellie. We kill 'em."
-Spoken to Ellie, about a Vampire problem.

"'M fine, Sid. Lil' confused, but fine. Pretty damn drunk, but…but fine."
-Spoken to Sidrya, concerning his well-being.

"I was an asshole 'fore I was a Hermetic, Jules."
-Spoken to Nobel, concerning his being an asshole.

The Basics

Mortal Name: Benjamin Paris Hatfield
Apparent Age: 23
Occupation: Owner of a gym/personal trainer
Demeanor: Loner
Theme(s): Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard - Pancho and Lefty
Tattoos: The most obvious being a sun on the right hand, a moon on the left.
Look: A man of average height, maybe a little under six feet tall, he appears to be of younger years, early twenties at most. A variety of scars and tattoos can be seen here and there. His skin is quite tan and his hair is black, reflecting perhaps Spanish or Native American ancestory, mixed with something more Caucasian. Light brown eyes peep out of his head, looking almost playful in comparisson to his darker features. He appears to be in excellent shape, physically, though somewhat weathered by the vacant, thousand-yard-stare in his eyes. This young man wears a brown leather jacket over a black button-up shirt, tucked in to show a belt-buckle with a rattlesnake embossed into the silver and gold. His blue jeans extend down his legs to end above a pair of well-worn brown cowboy boots with chained spurs on them. On his head is an old, old, straw hat, with several pins, and a pair of white-gold hooped earrings with earthy-colored stones are in each ear. His cheek has a puckered scar, high on the bone, just under his left eye, while a buck-fifty scar runs under his neck, interupting his scruffy hair. On his right hand is a tattoo of the Zia sun symbol, and on his left hand is a tattoo of two cresent moons on either side of a full moon. Anything else is hidden by his clothing.

The Not-So-Basics

True Nature: Ben is a True Mage, an Enlightened Will-Worker, and as such, the universe is his to command.
True Age: 199 years old.
Loyalty: Council of the Nine Mystic Traditions
Tradition: The Order of Hermes
House: Formerly of House Flambeau (AKA: Tac Nukes), but has apparently transferred to House Shaea.
Craft Name: Leodras Pan Hitchens (not that he is likely to use it, except in the most formal of settings)
Reputation: Ben is known by his enemies, to include many Vampires that remember the Messassa Wars (Hermetic purging of Tremere, and any other Kindred that got in the way), as a ruthless, cunning, and lucky soldier, dedicated to the Hermetic cause. However, he is also known to be a bitter alcoholic, too attached to the Mortal world. Recently, Ben has crawled out of the bottle and helped in the revival of the Order. Most younger Magus will get behind Ben when they can, or steer clear when they can't.