Benedict Mercade

This up and coming sculptor has recently moved here from the west coast and is staying in a house he inherited from his father's sister. While he's blind, he's still quite independent and can be seen out in the city on his own. He seems comfortable with mild dabblings in the occult.



This elegant young man looks to be in his mid twenties and stands barely taller than five and a half feet. His skin is a clear cafe au lait. The soft corkscrew curls of his hair are a mix of medium brown with a few nearly blond highlights. It's been left to grow out just past shoulder length. His features have an attractive cast, but a mix of ethnicities. Narrow, pale blue eyes are kept hidden behind a pair of extremely dark, gold wire rimmed glasses that sit on the bridge of a long nose. He has a square jaw and a generous mouth with very white teeth.


Benedict Mercade was born to Mimi and Hue Mercade in Stanford, CA. His father is a professor of chemistry at Stanford and his mother is a violist with the California Philharmonic Orchestra. In such an intellectual, tolerant, atmosphere a mixed-race couple could move among the social circles with ease. Mimi a willowy Caucasian and Hue a tall Afro-Asian. It was discovered shortly after birth that he suffered from a congenital nerve defect that resulted in lack of sight. He was still more than welcomed by his parents who did their best to give him everything they could to encourage his development.

He was a bright, active child who responded well to the play and therapy offered to develop his available senses. He was an attentive student, smart enough that good grades came easily. Midway through elementary school, he started to realize that he was different for more than his blindness. He attended small, progressive schools to learn not only academics, but the life skills needed to live and function in a sighted world.

Benedict was sure even at a young age that he wanted to be a sculptor and even before he graduated, he was selling pieces at small, local, art fairs. His open, friendly disposition was well suited to sitting at a table on a Saturday with friends or family and chatting with people who stopped to ask about his pieces. Most of them single or paired figures with some minimal background element. Once he was out of school, his parents helped him to find an apartment of his own, though it usually ended up looking more like a studio that someone happened to live in. He met his future agent, Richard Pierce, at one of the countless art fairs that crop up during the summer. His emotionally evocative figures of people and animals became popular enough that some smaller studios even began to carry a piece or two here or there.

Still, even though he had a good life, he felt some days like he was waiting for something that just wasn't happening. That's why he jumped on a chance that came to him with a call from a lawyer he'd never met before. One of his father's aunts had passed on and left him as the main beneficiaries of her will. An artist herself, a painter, she had been a regular visitor when he was a boy and encouraged him to the arts. Never married and without children, there wasn't much contestment over the will that deeded Benedict with a house in Miami and enough money that he could invest it with his own savings and live modestly on the proceeds. His parents were concerned at the idea of their only son moving to the other coast, but he was sure this was fate tapping him on the shoulder and wouldn't be talked out of it.

RP Hooks and Notes

Looking forward to a chance to explore Benedict's psychic gifts. Please keep in mind that between his gifts and Danger Sense, there's a good chance he'll be forewarned if you plan something unwholesome for him.

I am open to meeting occult contacts through his psychic gifts. I would also like to make a police contact and get Benedict involved in using his gifts to help in investigations.


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