Bob Munson


Bob is tall - about six feet even - with a wiry build, a light tan, medium brown hair in need of a trim, and some light stubble. His blue eyes are bloodshot, yet focused; he smells like smoke. He's wearing a Soulsonic Force t-shirt, faded blue jeans and off-brand sneakers.


Bob Munson was born in Fort Lauderdale in 1973. His parents still live there - Chris is a legal assistant, Karen a nurse - along with his younger sister Tracy, who was just entering high school when he moved south to Miami.

His parents waited till their late thirties to start a family, attending to their careers first so they could provide financially. They meant well, attending PTA meetings and getting Bob into Boy Scouts (he wasn't big on the rah-rah aspect but he appreciated the experience) and sports (he was a decent wide receiver in his later teens), but they didn't really follow up on how the kids were doing; their grades were okay, their after-school activities were okay, so their adult lives would be okay too, right? Ruthless ambition was never part of the picture.

Bob was no genius; a solid C student, his only real aptitude lay in shop class, from which he developed an interest in auto repair. It promised to be a steady career, with the general public less and less able or willing to do any of their own maintenance; his parents agreed. Unfortunately, his boss eventually turned out to see nothing wrong with selling the customers on repairs they didn't need, so he up and quit. A couple months later, he moved down to Miami after a friend tipped him off about a job opening there.