Devan Cael Moore

Master Carpenter

While Devan has a broad experience in construction and can fill in for many positions, he specializes in working with wood. Not only does he show skill in large, practical applications, but he has a talent for delicate and intricate hand carving.



Devan is a large, affable man of around thirty with the slightly scruffy look of the well-traveled. He has an easy blue-collar air and is often in good humor. A construction worker by trade, he's also often worked as a general handyman and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty when it's called for.

His accent is too mixed and muddled to pin down past 'American'. There is a clear Irish-American cast to his strong-jawed features and on such broad shoulders were cities like Boston built.


Thanks to a father who's career Army, Devon was born in Germany, but mostly raised in the US. He is part of a large, extended family with Fianna blood on both sides. Both of his parents, Muriel and Quade, are Fianna Kinfolk and he has three living younger brothers, Oscar, Farrell and Nolen. The oldest of a set of triplets, Oscar is the second and the youngest Bowie died while in the Army.

Most of his extended family lives in or around Boston with a few like him scattered in other places. While he works in construction, he is quite the skilled carpenter and prefers to take work that involves his specialty. He's traveled around the US and even some overseas, meeting people and picking up odd skills here and there.

RP Hooks and Notes

Volunteering: Devan has a habit of finding ways to help out where ever he's currently living. Big charities or private help for someone in need. He's a caretaker by nature and has a hard time walking past someone who needs help.

Purebreed: 2


Truck: He has a dark blue 1980 K1500 Longbed 4x4. For security, he's installed a dead man's switch in the form of a toggle under the front seat. A camper shell is installed in the bed. He's customized the interior to maximize storage and comfort when he's living out of the small camper. He also has built-in space for storage for his toolboxes. His truck and camper are insured.

Tools: He has a fairly standard array of construction tools, a box of specialty tools for woodworking as well as a smattering of odds and ends he's picked up over time. His contractor's tools and woodworking tools are insured.


Kinfolk: 3 It's not uncommon that when something important or difficult comes up, he's able to call his family for help or advice.

Serious 'Digiwolf' Smith
Creed: Tree-Feller