Dorianne VanMatre


She prefers to go by the name of "Dori" and never mentions her last name unless specifically asked. An ancestor, perhaps her grandmother, passed down some interesting genetics and now she finds herself a part of a world that shouldn't logically exist. Only having just discovered she's Kinfolk, she's terribly ignorant in regards to Miami's secret darkside. Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, and Magic…these had been only subjects of her grandmother's stories, nothing more than fairy tales and fantasy. She's quickly realizing how wrong she was and how dangerous life really is.

Most of her childhood was spent between boarding school in Missouri and summers at her grandmother's house in Florida. Books made better friends than the snobby girls at school and Dori found more satisfaction in being intelligent than she did in the fact that her clothes were expensive and in style. Naturally curious and intelligent, she used books, documentaries, and the internet to plug up the holes in her knowledge. If she didn't know it, then she'd find it out.

She also has a very soft heart. If there's a problem, she wants to solve it. If somebody is suffering, whether emotionally or physically, she wants to help. It hurts her to see somebody else in pain and if there's anything she can do to make it better, she will. Sometimes at great sacrifice.

Her grandmother had been her rock, the only family she had after the tragic accident that took both her parents' lives. They often took trips out into the wilderness to hike or camp, or spend a day at the beach. Mathilda Boyeaux may have kept dangerous secrets, but she loved her granddaughter dearly. When Dori's beloved "Granny Matt" passed away, she was devastated, but she did her Granny proud. Dori finished out the semester at SLU, packed up, and moved to her grandmother's hometown: Miami.


Dori defines herself as "average" looking. Brown hair, brown eyes, standing at 5'4 and weighing about 115 lbs., give or take a slice of cake or two. In truth, she's a pretty girl. Her father's side had a heavy dose of Cherokee and the Native American blood showed true in her long dark hair, high cheekbones, and the exotic tilt to eyes the color of burnt amber. But her maternal side had claimed Dutch-Irish, and Dori had the same pale, easily sunburned, skin. Her build was petite, but gifted with curves and filled out in all the right places.

She's nearsighted, so never seen without her glasses unless she's cleaning them off or fresh out of bed. At work, she wears predominately black, form fitting tanks and tight, hip hugging designer pants, showing enough skin to appear available, but classy instead of cheap, and her hair is french braided away from her face in a long, thick rope that reaches to her hips. On her days off, however, it's an entirely different story. Oh, the clothes are still designer, but casual-chic, jeans, bright colored fitted tees, shoes that won't put blisters on her feet, and her hair is down, a thick mass of it usually just brushed and then left alone to do what it will.


Her father was Damien VanMatre, a well respected stock-broker who'd fought his way up to own his own accounting firm. His wife, Lorenna Boyeaux-VanMatre, was a wanna-be artist/fashion designer who lived for the social life her husband's money could provide. She spent it almost as fast as he could make it.

Mathilda Boyeaux was nothing like her daughter Lorenna. She owned a small chain of bookstores in Florida and had a tight knit group of friends in the Miami area. Unknown to Dori, Mathilda was Garou, meaning she led an interesting double life.

Mathilda had been a smart cookie though, she set up a trust fund and ensured that Dori would be left a decent inheritance in case of her death. A lawyer by the name of Marcus Smith is in charge of it until she turns twenty-five.

RP Hooks and Notes

Family Connections: Did you know her parents, grandmother, or perhaps the mysterious Mr. Smith? I'm always open to storyline suggestions.

Curious: To a fault. Nothing bugs Dori more than not knowing something. She wants to know what you're hiding and why you're hiding it.

Innocent/Naive: So far, that is. She's likely to believe the best of people over the worst until she sees otherwise for herself. Dori is a natural optimist, but it's tainted with logic so she's not gullible.

Kinfolk: Dori is only now finding out what it means to be Kinfolk, the perks, the disadvantages, and the dangers.

I'm willing to RP just about anything, even if it's potentially physically/emotionally/psychologically dangerous to my character. Just run it by me and we'll see what can be worked out.


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