Eloise (Ellie)

Ellie MacLeod comes from a decidedly unconventional background—and has unconventional gifts, as well.

The most obvious of those gifts is a voice that can pull emotion from even the most reluctant and safeguarded heart. She has a knack for persuasion, whether in speech or song. While her music isn't sophisticated and she's by no means an amazing instrumental player, she performs from the soul, with a directness and honesty that more than make up for the unpolished edges.

Fellow students might know her as a newcomer to the University of Miami's Frost School of Music. The year hasn't started yet, but as a transfer, she's taking summer courses to catch up on theory requirements.

RP Hooks

Stalker: Anyone want to play her stalker? I'm thinking another student at Frost, or someone who hears her sing somewhere (either busking, or after she lands a gig or two).

Student: Frost School of Music

Musician: She'll start to get to know local musicians, cafe and coffee shop owners as she settles in. Feel free to page or mail me!

Special Notes

Ellie is an un-Awakened mortal with the ability to see both the Spirit world (Umbra) and auras. However, she does not have full control of these gifts.

Important Merits: Burning Aura, Bardic Gift, Enchanting Voice, Clear Sighted, Medium