Emma Mai Zhang

DOB February 14
Height 5'0 (really 4'11)
Weight 90 lb
Hair Brown-Black
Eyes Deep Brown
Occupation Student/Princess
Status Single


If Barbie was more innocent and Chinese, this girl would be her. Long brown-black hair flows down past her shoulder blades in curls and tumbles that only seem to make a fashion statement. Her face shows her heritage but she's a bit paler of complexion than most Chinese as well her eyes are a bit more rounded, perhaps from a mixed genetic pool. Large eyes are a deep, soulful brown and light up in delight just as much as they do in fear and fright. Thin brows are only glanced at by her lush, obscenely long lashes. She is in all aspects a perfect China doll, complete with the petulant pout.

Today's outfit is something to be envied by most and screams of financial security. She has wrapped around her a short light pink silk dress that has golden embroidered plum blossoms and good luck medallions upon it. The dress hugs her curves, showing off the hour-glass shape while a pair of wedges are situated upon her feet. The only thing of note about her accessories is a simple chain wrapped around her neck with a jade good luck cat. There is a strange feel of innocence around her in the way she carries herself.


Emma is the only daughter of the current crime boss and his most loved and deceased wife. She is a high school senior and even though she belongs to a dark world, she's very innocent. Almost too innocent. She's also strangely sweet.

RP Hooks and Notes

High School - Emma is a senior
Mafia - Emma's daddy is well connected and she's a princess
Chinese/Asian - One of us, One of us
Shopping - She likes it.
Dancer - She's actually a sword dancer
Shifter - She's kin, she's clued, come play.


Again - Flyleaf Listen
New Divide - Linkin Park Listen
Only Hope - Mandy Moore Listen