Mr. Hayden Frost

Frost has been around for a long time. A long time. He isn't the most powerful blood-sucker on the block, but he specializes in investigation, creepiness, and not dying. While not stalking the streets, you'll find him managing a small private eye office, exploring the sewers, or right behind you.


"Filthy" is the most applicable word for this vampire. Long, unwashed wisps of blond hair rappel from his balding head. His smile is yellow and his trench-coat pockets rustle of their own accord. A crooked toe peeks from a hole in his sneaker. Frost stands at about six feet, but his weight cannot be guessed underneath that stained and tattered coat. Imagine a cross between Oscar the Grouch, Rorschach and Riffraff; now imagine how awesome that smells.

RP Hooks and Notes

Frost is a bit of a P.I., so give him a visit if you've got an interesting case. Otherwise, he's liable to show up literally anywhere in the city, primed for weirdness. Watch out!