Grant Kavanagh

Grant Donovan Kavanagh. No criminal record. No car. No education, but by no means uneducated. In fact, his preternatural quickness of mind when it comes to detail and computation is likely what defines him.

Grant uses his skills as a financier and programmer. He is a very threadbare person with a tendency to obsess over people who pay even a little attention to him, because he has all the social graces of an autist and his only friend is his cat, Mephistopheles. Well, no, he does have some friends, but they're really fellow cultists. He makes his mental skills useful, and they give him the sense of purpose that he struggles to find. He never neglects the details, never forgets a face, neither a name, and because information comes to him so easily, he's terrified of other people. After all, who is to say that you don't know the same things about him as he does about you? Maybe he's just paranoid, sure: he'll cede to that theory, although begrudgingly. But there's one thing that's true. His "friends" are using him and slowly turning him into a violent, hair-triggered nobody with nothing to lose, to sic on whatever stands in front of their agenda and vision. Cannon fodder. He knows it, but he knows what'll happen if he breaks it off with them, too.