Hector "Flaunts-Justice" Errol



Hector stands about 5'6" tall, weighs a muscular 160 pounds, and is dressed much like a hobo, fingerless gloves, sweatpants, old t-shirt, and a trenchcoat. On his head rests a rather nice looking Fedora, and as he moves, you can hear the tinkle of lots of random objects in his pockets and under the coat. A bag is slung over his back and tied around a shoulder. It seems heavy with small metallic items..


Heard from a guy with a pointy hat and a feather at an open mic poetry slam:

Hector "Flaunts-Justice" Errol was born to his mother, the Ratkin called "Silent Nibbles" and his father, a Materialized Rat-spirit called R'kktkkrtkktkkrkrktkkrkrrrr't right around 1972. His parents courtship was a short one, and ended when the spirit went back to the Deep Umbra, leaving Nibbles and young Hector all by their lonesome. But never fret, friends, for our hero Hector was born with superpowers. Yes friends, through the
magical energy that runs through the truly blessed of Rat, Freak Factor, Hector was blessed with an amazing capacity for heroism and justice. His crimefighting days began as a young child. At the tender age of eight, he realized the plight of Snickers bars, and with the help of a brick and a crowbar, saved them from their horrible slave-existence, liberating them from a local convenience store. He grew up among the other Ratkin, who constantly applauded his sense of justice and his willingness to free the nearby humans from their zombified existances with heroic acts. At the age of 17 he ran through the city of Miami and destroyed the tires of over 30 public buses, protecting
people from being ferried to zombie hell in giant metal cows. Around 19 he went through his Birthing Plague…. which was attended by the starting lineup of the NBA Champion Chicago Bulls. You know, once Hector met Michael Jordan at the Mall, and his Airness was all, "Yo dude, I wanna see you turn into a rat monster." Hector was all, "Yeah partner, you know what time it is, keep it rollin." Little did he know that Fred Durst would steal that line years later for a shitty rap rock song. Shortly after his Birthing Plague, Hector restored the family van to better than working order, and drove it straight into the Umbra, where he began to learn the skills of a crime-fighter from his
father, who was using the form of Chuck Norris from that movie where he fought Bruce Lee. Totally not lying at all. I promise. CHEESE! Anyway, Hector spent the next 7 years avenging the deaths of several daytime comedy-dramas, and eventually decided to return to Miami, driving his Van right back out of the Umbra. Speaking of Vans, that ride is bitchin. Like, once we had a party in there, and some girls gave us a bunch of their purses, and jewelry for being such nice guys. Now, roaming the streets of Miami in his van, Hector has taken up the long-lost mantle of the crimefighter, JUSTICE

RP Hooks and Notes

See, Hector's special. Umbral energy is constantly pumping into and out of his brain without any kind of control, so it distorts his world view. A LOT. Due to this, Hector's more than capable of rationalizing that which goes on around him, making him more than capable of being part of any scene you might need him for.

Allies of Justice

Arden - My trustworthy sidekick, T-Shirt Kid! A true defender of the common good if ever there was one. I remember clearly saving his life from the 13 Sheiks of Barrabas, and raising him to the fine example of honor and good he is today.