Isabeau Durand

Isabeau Grace Hope Elizabeth Devirille-Beauchamp Durand

Isabeau is a Silver Fang Philodox, Rited name 'Shades of Gray', but is rather bland and boring for all that. At least that's what she likes to project.



Black hair, mossy green eyes. She's more aristocratically striking than beautiful or even pretty. Her serious demeanor does nothing to alleviate this. She rarely smiles with any sort of feeling to it.


Heiress to the Beauchamp Hotel line, though that is not well known at all. Her parents hid her for most of her life, nevertheless she is their only child.
Seems to be wed, though no one has as yet met her spouse. She speaks of him fondly, and insists on being called 'Mrs Durand'.

RP Hooks and Notes

Silver Fang Philodox, Pure Breed 3.
Perhaps in the future one can run a small plot to find this elusive Mr Durand! :D
Isabeau has several quirks, not the least of which is her apparent lack of a sense of humor. Those willing to attempt to correct this are welcome to do so.
She always has isopropyl alcohol (either a bottle or wipes) on her at all times. Anyone willing to germ the woman up is welcome to do so!
Mr Durand is currently in Peru on an anthropological expedition in the Andes. He sends her packages and letters as he can. Those willing to courier packages or coming from the Peruvian Andes are encouraged to contact her.
Thank you!


Rennie The Elusive Mr Durand. Not a myth!
Adjo Friend. One of the very few.
Devan Interesting fellow, Devan.
Jessie With you, life is never boring.
Dori Keep studying, you'll get it!