Jagged-Tide is the large, hulking war leader of Hurricane's Slew. Hell, he's the only leader of Hurricane's Slew, a violent slew of Rokea that's taken residence off the coast of Miami. He's here to make sure that the people of Miami respect Mother Sea.


If you catch him in the city in Homid form, he takes on the appearance of a 6'9" Polynesian surfer, with notably shark-like teeth. If you catch him in other forms, well, the last thing you see is probably something like a tiger shark.


Jagged-Tide is new to the Miami area, along with his brothers and sisters in Hurricane's Slew.

RP Hooks and Notes

Tide is here for glorious war in the name of Sea. If you feel that your character would be interested in helping destroy the enemies of Sea, or all of Nature for that matter, hit me up.


None so far.