Jessalynn Amber Smith



This girl stands at five foot tall plus a few inches. She has a lean and athletic build, and a posture that exudes a subtle ferocity. Dark lashes line a pale green gaze, making those large eyes a focal point on her expressive face. High cheekbones and a small nose accentuate the size of her wide mouth, lips painted sanguine red. Her auburn colored hair is streaked with bruised undertones, haphazardly chopped and often held back with a black bandanna. It falls to varied lengths below her mid-back but stopping mostly above her hips.


If you want details, you'll have to RP for them. But it's well known this girl is from the streets of Los Angeles, and has a chip on her shoulder that doesn't seem to melt in the Miami heat.

RP Hooks and Notes

  • Street Racing
  • Urban Climbing
  • You from a bad neighborhood in Los Angeles?
  • Feel the need to save the fiscally poor and morally bankrupt?
  • Can you say Jailbait and laugh at the same time?


Friends and Family

Adjo : Now that I let you kick my ass in front of your friends, can we be buds?

Anna : You've got a nasty mouth, I could learn a lot from listening.

Creed: Tree-Feller : I can change your mind about Americans.. make sure nobody's watching.

Dori : You're cute, but a little naive. Okay, you're a lot naive - but you can learn, right?

Emma : I don't know how you survived this long in our world.

Gracie : Can I kick rocks with you?

Hank : Yes, yes they would be beautiful babies. Beautiful, spectacularly clueless babies.

Isabeau : Patience is clearly not your only virtue, but you make me feel sane.

Liberty : Dunno what t' think of you yet.

Luke : Playboy, what's your game?

Serious 'Digiwolf' Smith : She has so many toys, I wonder if she can keep up with my secret?

The People You Meet

Blackthorne : Nice dreads dude!

Bob : The builder - really?

Conn : Okay, now I just think you're an asshole.

Joshua : Man, you have the coolest shinies evah!

Laertes Velos : I won't call you a gypsy, I saw that Stephen King movie!

Sidrya : You make me wish I could hear the music you dance to.

Off Limits

Arden : Dammit, why did you have to scream, it was just off a rooftop.

Frost : Dude, ask Santa for a stick of Arrid Extra-Dry for Xmas. 'kay?

Gabriel : As much as I love your wallet, I'd rather steal my breakfast than owe you.

Gator : Have you ever seen a crocodile smile?