Joshua (sometimes Jose, sometimes Windsong Smith)

Joshua is Gypsy, Strider Kin, and scarred. He's Mute, and a jerk at times, at times a flirt, at times he just runs scared. From what? Ask him.. Oh.. that's right, he can't answer!


Around 20ish with longish black hair that curls, huge brown eyes with those trademark 'camels lashes' that curl as well. Tanned, seems fit, but oh those scars. It's no wonder he can't talk, someone cut his throat! Tsk. It's a wonder he survived, innit?


Joshua has had a rough life, these past four years. Currently he can be seen driving around town in his 'vardo', a 1962 Chevy Van. There are no windows, save for two in the back doors. It's primer blue, with red doors and a red paint smear on the front of the snub nose. These vans are unique in that the engine sits between the front seats, between the driver and passenger. Nice table, when it isn't too hot.

RP Hooks and Notes

He is mute, and illiterate. Someone teach the boy to read and write before he blows up from communication frustration! He uses sign language, but few understand that.

Joshua is running from BSD. His kumpania was killed and he kept prisoner for 4 years in a hive, tortured and abused. Show him a shifter, dare you. He -might- know the difference between a Dancer and a Gaian. Don't count on it.

Joshua, as a result of spending 4 years in a Hive, he is WYRM-TAINTED. Can be cleansed, but the reason for the taint is in the Umbra. Care to find out what it is?

Joshua also plays instruments. He has the Bardic Gift. While his instrument of choice is a violin, he also plays the guitar and pennywhistle with wonderful results. He could be professional. He busks on the streets for change and such to make his living.

Joshua also sells bits and bobs of trinkets. Hemp jewelry, little ribbon and crystal decorations that might look good sparkling when hung in a window, dreamcatchers and rings woven of silver and copper wire with small glass beads and crystals. Most sizes, but he can custom make whatever you like. Feel free to purchase! Some of these things have bits of luck imbued in them, some bits of curses. Nothing to kill, maim or destroy, but you might have the nicest day you've ever had, or the worst. Depends on his mood. Usually, though, they're ordinary baubles.


Adjo Family of a different stripe
Benedict Sweet and funny. I think I'll keep him
Sidrya Bater, pena! Baxt, o Rom!
Laertes Bater, prala! Devlesa araklam tume.