Kendra Elizabeth Bathory

DOB June 25
Height 5'9
Weight 125 lb
Hair Blonde/Sunbleached
Eyes Violet
Occupation Nothing Yet
Status Single


This leggy blonde looks like she fits the Miami scene. Her hair always looks mussed as if she's just gotten back from the beach. Natural beauty seems to be her idea of dressing up as she wears only a smudge of mascara to darken her lashes and a clear gloss on her full lips. Bright and vibrant purple eyes stare out with a hint of darkness and humor to them. A cruel humor.

Her lithe form is coverd in a pair of denim short-shorts that make her long legs appear moreso. A white shirt clings to her assets with a faded 'Ramones' across the front, ripped in a few places. Her outfit is finished with a pair of sandals on her feet.


Kendra's parents are rich, old, blue blood money from Boston, MA. They have their fingers into everything. Kendra spent a few years in New York and now just seems to have wandered to Miami. She's managed to wander without daddy's money too.

RP Hooks and Notes

Mages - I love you, come RP with me
Beach/Surfers - I love the sun.
Anything - Just ask away
Roomie - I need one please.


Enter Sandman - Metalica Listen
Inside the Fire - Disturbed - nsfw Listen