Kiah Rose Llwelyn

Starving Artist

Homid Cliath Fianna Galliard, Rited Name Bloody Paws



This young lady is roughly 6' tall. Her hair is long, the ebony locks are contained in a braided coronet. Whisps of the curly strands escape around her face, softening the angles. Her skin is clear, the bronzed tones deepening the color of her hair and eyes. Thick, sooty lashes surround eyes that are the dark blue of a stormy ocean, ever changing with her moods. Her face is somewhat thin, the long lines accentuated by high cheekbones and a cleft chin. The lines are muted whenever she smiles, hidden dimples peeking out each time. The lines of her frame, while slender, are covered with toned muscles that is hinted at when she moves. Around her upper arms are a matching set of coiling armbands, the golden bands are clearly hand made antiques.


(background synopsis)

RP Hooks and Notes

Purebreed: 2