Name: Kira Dupree
Clan: Tremere
Position: Camarilla Seneshal, Tremere Primogen
Mortal Cover; Political Consultant to the mayor of Miami.
City of origin: Paris, France



Standing at an impressive six foot three inches is a woman with her long blond hair done up in a bun with silver beads adorning it. A bright pair of deep green eyes that have dark red eyeshadow accent her regal attractive face, holding no scars or blemishes, and in her ears are diamond studs. She has a touch of blush and rouge makeup, along with deeply red painted lips.
She wears a black sleeveless button down shirt that does little to nothing to hide her amble bossom. The first few buttons left open to reveal a bit of cleavage, with a tear drop amulet of bloodstone nestled in between her breasts. Around her waist is a black studded belt that holds up a deep read skirt with a slit on it's right side, showing off a long black nylon covered leg. on her feet she wears a pair of spiked heels that have more silver adorning them. on her wrists she wears a pair of black leather vambraces, and her long fingers are painted with deep red nail polish, her middle and third fingers on each hand having a ruby ring.

Appearance - 4


Kira Dupree was born in the early part of the 1200's, she learned a lot about politics and court etiquette. Her ability to easly dupe people lead to her getting sired by a Tremere in 1236. Now over eight hundred and fifty years as a vampire, she spent time in Vienna, London, New Orliens, and now has come to Miami with Rennes as his Seneshal, to help him in securing the city from the Sabbat, and to both quell the anarch presence, and make sure that her kind arn't prey for the mangy mutts. her human masqureade is that of a Political consultant, and thus, how she makes her money. Having never sired a childe yet, she believes that now is the time. She also, is acting primogen for her clan in Miami, and hopes that the call for more Tremere is heard so that she can start a chantry for them, and hopefully uncover Miami's secrets.

RP Hooks and Notes

To find a Childe, To start a Tremere Chantry, and to help in anyway i can in the overal chaos that is Miami.