Ladon Michael Stanitopolis

Ladon Michael Stanitopolous

Black Fury Kin Lawyer (Retired)



A head of thick black wavy hair is threaded with silver at the temples, more noticeably so due to the start of shaggy curls as it grows out of a shorter, neater style. He has a clear olive complexion with a few age lines; most of them like the laugh lines around his eyes and mouth the natural result of simply living. Dark, almond-shaped eyes broadcast a quiet humor from behind a pair of wire-frame glasses that perch on the bridge of a narrow nose. A thin face, it's kept from looking pinched by wide lips often pulled into a grin by some inner observation.


Former Marine. Former Lawyer. Ladon now owns and runs a book store/cafe called The Golden Apple.

RP Hooks and Notes

Purebreed: 2
Ladon has twin sons, Keith Gabriel (Mask of Spirits) and Kevin Uriel (Truth in Lies) Stanitopolis, who are Theurges of the Children of Gaia. He has a kinfolk daughter, Sherrilyn Raphaela Stanitopolis who is currently studying Law at Mississippi State University. Anyone wanting to play these characters is encouraged to contact Ladon on the mu, or at moc.liamg|reklatsleets#moc.liamg|reklatsleets. Thank you!
Ladon is a retired lawyer, but does retain his license to practice in several states. He takes cases for Garou and Kin -exclusively-, pro bono. Anyone with dealings with the law is encouraged to contact him.


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