Laertes Velos

(AKA Laurenz Asodzo)


"Ever wondered where your dreams go when you're finished with them? Yeah, me neither."

"You can laugh at me, hate me, tag me. Nonetheless, I'll still be here; luring your wives to my bed, leading your children into the mountain, and bringing your fears to the surface."


This man looks to be around the age of twenty-five. He is around average height, though maybe an inch under, and has a slender, if toned, frame. His black hair and dark blue and amber eyes, while mixed with his olive complexion, reveal his Mediterranean heritage. He has several strange tattoos, the backs oh his hands each have a 16-spoken wheel on them, and the knuckles of his eight fore-most fingers say "OPRE" and "ROMA". His usual dress style is that of darker, more drab clothing. Things that barely catch the eye, though his face is handsome enough to compensate at times. Usually he can be found wearing a pair of dark sunglasses that almost hide the eye patch over his left eye. To most people, there is something not quite right about his presence, as if he didn't belong. Maybe it is the long, supple hands, or the almost too-white eyes. Something about him almost seems super-imposed to reality, as if he didn't belong.

Background and RP Hooks

No one is entirely certain where Laertes is from. Most people don't even know him as Laertes, but as Laurenz. He works for a courier company, delivering all over the city, and in some cases further. He tends to disappear sometimes. He has a strange, almost ethereal quality. He speaks a few languages, and has been almost everywhere in the world. He has a grasp for art and history that causes people to think he is very intelligent.

Gypsy Info

Laertes is a member of the Urmen Family and has recently emerged from the Fae Realms. He is devoted to the Urmen beliefs and will not reveal secrets of the Fae to anyone. He is presently without a Kumpania and looking. He adamantly opposes the Unseelie Court.

Laertes Velos