Give a Nuwisha an SSN from a dead man down in Texas and you will regret everything you ever had to do with him. To Miami-Dade county, he's Luke Tecumseh Smith, diesel mechanic on probation for breaking and entering and possession of peyote. His wife has paid more bail than the bastard deserves: he sleeps on the porch or in his truck nearly every night.

He's Never-Satisfied, to most. A Bone Gnawer nigh impossible to find when he doesn't want to be seen, for days or weeks at a time, and boy, is he a Ragabash. You could practically see the laughter from miles away. He runs with no pack and dodges explanation: something violent happened down in Dallas, he says. It's just not right to replace them yet, he says.

He's Pan Never-Satisfied, to few, son of Ptah Lies-Too-Well, a hell of a name, but one which hasn't been heard of this side of the stars for …Ages. Luke'll follow the Danser's example, surely, but a few too many rendezvous has saddled him with a little daughter who takes after him just enough that he can't quite bear to leave just yet. Not in a world like this, if there's anything at all he can do to fix it.


Friends and Assets

  • Phillipa Vladimirovna
  • Ben
  • Elliot
  • Jagged-Tide
  • Travis
  • Lia
  • Kaia/Savage-Stripes
  • Creed/Tree-Feller
  • Travis/Techie
  • Serious/Digiwolf


  • Sarah Smith
  • Alice Smith
  • Lina/Sun-Chaser


  • Anything with fangs meant for bloodsucking.
  • Especially Antanas Vilkas and that Dasha bitch. And why's that Irish kid of theirs smell like Weaver?

RP Hooks

  • Conniver: Luke's curious to a fault, and he's lazy, too: if he can fool someone else into fixing his problems, by God, he's gwine do it. Whether its getting things done he doesn't want his probation officer catching him doing, or more sensitive and supernatural matters, he'll gladly do things like go blow up a nightclub to start a Camarilla-Sabbat war and get the vampires to exterminate their own damn selves. Not that he knows anything about why Crobar Nightclub went up in flames.
  • Matchmaker: Masquerading under the guise of a tribe taken about as seriously as his empty auspice on a good day, Never-Satisfied has surrendered to the fact that he can't handle Miami by himself. As much as he distrusts his contemporaries, he is setting aside his personal discomfort to try to get the Garou he knows to work together in hopes they'll start a pack or a sept or something.
  • Teacher: Luke appoints himself a mentor to the Garou he finds and makes it little secret that, if it will make you more subtle, he will teach you. If it will make you more sociable, he will teach you. And if it will endear him to you, by God, he will teach you, because one of these days he won't be able to pull off the "I'm a Bone Gnawer" schtick.
  • Doorman: Luke knows where a little, sleeping caern is and he's keeping it a secret from you bastards. If you're in Allapattah, you might run into the same path as his habitual patrol.
  • Loiterer: Luke is a barfly with a deadly combination of nigh-uncontrollable curiosity and a fine disregard for personal safety. As such, you may just find him anywhere that doesn't require reservations or formal attire.
  • Traitor?: Luke spends an awful lot of time in the company of vampires and mages.