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Natasha appears to be a girl about the age of 16. She has long blonde hair, and a mix between white and goldish skin. Her eyes are blue and she is usually seen wearing a Tee shirt, most recently a Nirvana shirt, A pair of pre-ripped jeans, and a light leather jacket with a pair of running sneakers.


Natasha was left at an orphanage that she has yet to name ICly or give firm details about other then her experiences there as a baby. She was marked unadoptable by the patrons of the orphanage for causing mischief and constant wandering to the point that they wouldn't even attempt to find her for adopting out or teaching. Natasha accepted her fate as an un-adoptable kid up until as she puts it "A while ago" when her new adopted parents saw her on the grounds and felt sorry for her, taking her home as theirs.

When Natasha's new parents brought her home they had trouble getting used to her….behaviors. After many times of forming search parties, calling local law enforcement, and all out worrying from her wanderings and ….other misdeeds, they finally resigned to make some new rules. To solve the problem of the school calling because she was absent and or just wandering around the school yard when she went she was switched to a home schooling program, Since she felt so compelled to just wander off they allowed her to go as long as she kept money on her just in case, Called if she was going to be gone past morning, would keep safe and out of trouble and would come back to them if she needed them.

A couple weeks after being in Miami for "some trip my parents are on or something" as she called it she started to become assaulted by strange nightmares, dreams, and a menagerie of strange feelings inside of her causing her to lose sleep and become somewhat paranoid. After a few times out wandering she bumped into Avery , a business type who told her she was a princess in some strange story about 13 royal families who had people born noble and just recognized by their feelings. Natasha of course took this as some weirdo just talking crap to her to convince her of…..something, though she didn't know what she assumed drugs.

Later in those weeks she met up with other locals including Valeria , a drug holding bouncer girl who seemed to befreind the strange girl fast and with no problem, Dallas a tattooed spit fire who seemed to not really care one way or another but gave a semblance of protection, and a rather eccentric man on the beach who told crazy stories of fighting bears and other worlds.

All of these events lead up to what people might have seen as an obvious climax, Natasha while responding to a sound of someone hurt down an alleyway was soon trapped in a gang-up mugging, the stress of the situation finally pushing the teens body into a rage filled overdrive compelling her to try and attack anyone near (who just happened to be Dallas. Natasha followed the now crinos Dallas into the sewers and quickly burnt her rage out, succumbing to exhaustion, she was brought to Laramie and locked in the cub safe room. Thanks to Avery who was nearby Natasha's less then graceful first change was not let out into the public eye and the veil was protected. And this is where the story is now….

RP Notes

Natasha is a cub and thus needs to be taught the ways of the Garou nation, if you're an elder come on in and give the cub a lesson!

Natasha has recently had a rather strange power awaken within her, apparently those ancestors no-one thought could come back ~you know the ones I'm talking about~ yeah they apparently CAN through Natasha! Though this is being kept mostly hush hush by the local striders.

Because of the aforementioned note and Dawnkills quick notice to Casablanca the strider headquarters if there could be such a thing, A new guard has come into town to watch over Natasha and guide her as a body guard basically, Though he's mysterious and not much has been revealed he might turn out to be a cool guy after you get to know him!

Natasha has yet to officially learn her auspice, or step sideways

Natasha has never been to the Umbra or seen the spirits, Might be fun to toss her in there and see what happens :)

Natasha is often very very bored and thus will most likely accept any kind of offer to get out of her room, whether it is against the rules or not, though with the new body guard some trickery might be needed :)

I'm always up for PrP, Send me an @mail or pm me and we can work stuff out, I was an ST for 3 years on IRC I'm sure my brain can still whip together some plots :)


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