Julius Aster

Tall, dark, and scruffy. He looks particularly sharp when he's groomed, but more often than not, he's rough and beleaguered with a neglectful beard growing and unkempt hair. Most notable are the various little 'charms' and trinkets he tends to wear on and off - Everything from mini horseshoes, to rabbit's feet, to some kind of religious chain around his neck (That cycles religions regularly). There are also several watches lined along his right arm.

Due to his Arcane, he always seems rather generic and easily forgettable, lest he does something to draw attention to himself.


Julius is a horrible, horrible person. A monster. A savage. A murdering psychopath. Or so this is what he is told, every night when he dreams. The spirits of the past torment his every sleeping moment, and often his waking moments. They tell him of what he used to be, accuse him for what he will become, and damn him to waking and sleeping torment.

In the last several past lives, he was, indeed, a murdering psychopath. The specters of those victims have seen fit to torment his life, just as he did theirs in times long passed. It's a cruel twist of fate that now sees him amongst the wheel turners. Perhaps, under the watchful eye and care of the Euthanatos, that laden instinct can be honed to serve a greater purpose. Perhaps he may even atone for past sins?

Or…Perhaps the creeping influence of Jhor will ironically push him to repeat the cycle yet again.

RP Hooks and Notes


RP Hooks

Much as he is obsessed with death and the dead, he enjoys driving the point home that vampires are as much a part of the cycle as everything else.

Wraith (Yeah, I said it)
As both Euthanoi and medium, it is part of his duty to tend to the needs of the departed to ensure they are brought to rest or otherwise returned to the underworld safely.

Someone is bound to take issue with some mortal flirting about the umbra and playing with spirits.

Obsession with death leaves Julius surprisingly open to associating with some vampires on a tentative basis, for a variety of reasons.

Very interesting nightmares to play about with.


Julius is a medium. He can naturally hear and speak to spirits, and they would know this just by looking at him.

Julius has killed alot of people across his past few lives. Some of them have a bone to pick, and have nothing better to do (literally) than pick at and harass him all day.

Private Investigation:
Publicly listed PI in Miami. Specializes in 'particularly strange' (some listings even say Paranormal) cases.

To those truly corrupt, with little left in their lives but the opportunity to turn the destiny of other people - They are already dead. They just haven't died yet. Such is the Good Death, that the sickened limb is severed to save the rest of the body - or for a new one to grow in it's place. Sometimes, people are reluctant to accept their responsibility in the cycle of death and rebirth and need to be…Encouraged, accordingly.

Being so close to death, it is no surprise that he has a very unhealthy fascination with it. To include interactions with the undead in all of their forms. it is part of his sacred duty to lay the restless dead to rest (Though, some need to be 'tucked in').