Patrick Lorcan

Resigned Survivor

If there's any question if this man's had some kind of a rough life, one has only to look him in the eye. There sits experience beyond his years and a well-rooted cynicism.



About six feet tall and with a broad build; this is a man that's hard to miss. His movements are confident and his big hands don't fumble over small actions anymore than hesitate to lift heavy weights with little effort. His red hair is pulled back into a short ponytail at the back of his neck. One narrow blue eye flashes from a rugged, square-jawed face. Where the other should be, there is a ridged vertical scar that runs from forehead to jaw and a black leather eye patch. The naturally pale skin of his face and neck has been toasted a warm tan by time spent outdoors.


He's an experienced retainer with the Camarilla who's worked in the past for two different high status Toreador domitors in Columbus, Ohio. He's an accomplished mechanic and also has several years of experience running a night club. Current circumstances have made a move to a new city and a fresh start necessary.

He has found a new domitor in Miami's Camarilla Court, the Elder Lasombra Antribu Amelia.

RP Hooks and Notes

Some of Patrick's old scars, usually covered by cloths, are mystic symbols left over from an interrupted spell that cultists claimed would have summoned a being of power to aid them at the cost of Patrick's life.