Your average person takes one good look at Recket and abruptly decides he's not someone to be associated with. If they can help it, they don't want to be in the same room as him, the same building as him, the same neighborhood as him.. or even the same world as him. Which seems fair enough, as he shows people scant regard in return.

He's a tall Caucasian, strong and lean, with a shaggy midnight mane and a beard shot through with seams of gray. Huge hands are scarred by numerous nicks, tears and burn-marks, but seem to work perfectly despite the massive damage they have sustained over the years. His eyes are pitch black, steady and knowing counter-points to the swirls of violent motion and energy that seeps out into his surroundings wherever he goes. The smile on his lips is not kind, or gentle, as much as tinged with light mockery. Whether it's at himself or at the world is up for debate. For all of that, Recket isn't unattractive. In an unkempt sort of way he's got a good mug on him, and he's in perfect shape.

Most of the time he'll wear a brown leather biker jacket, worn and torn, some sturdy jeans and a pair of boots that would be more at home on a mountain hike than in the city.


He's a veteran of the Ascension war. Since he Awoke at fifteen, he's been at it. Infact he's been fighting the Machine so long he's forgotten what it was like not to fight. Somewhere down the line he lost track of the true purpose behind the battle - to free the world from the shackles of the Technocracy - and simply started enjoying the killing and the destruction for its own sake. Then the lines blurred further, and suddenly it didnt matter if it was the Technocracy or just some werewolf with a fetish he wanted, or another mage with a book he coveted. The Sleepers werent victims anymore, but willing participants in their own spiritual misery, so what did it matter if a few died? Collateral damage. Shouldn't have gotten in his way and shouldnt have supported the Machine in the first place by being docile useless sheep.

Yet while his motives may have been twisted and his paths led astray, he has sacrificed more than his share of blood, sweat and effort for the Traditions, and that's gven him a reputation beyond the Order of Hermes. He's the guy called upon when a problem needs to be dealt with absolutely. Just don't question his methods.

RP Hooks

Occult Lore and items: If it's mystical and magical, count Recket in. You have a nice big tome you wanna get rid of? He'll take it off your hands. Might even trade you, too.

Mages: I'm always interested in a good Mage storyline. Pitch it to me, and we'll see how it might work out! Also feel free to contact me if you want to be 'old acquaintances'. Recket's been all over the world, made 'friends' and enemies plenty.

Hunter: Recket abhors vampires. Something in his past made him hate them with demented passion, and he cannot stand being in their presence. He doesn't activly hunt, but he's more than happy to supply you with the things you might need to do it yourself. For a price. He might even help you, if you're willing to owe him.

The Abused: Recket didnt start out a fire slinging bastard. He wasnt born this way. There was a time when Recket was weak and afraid, when he was the one whimpering in confusion and pain. He might not show it in the traditional manner, but he's got a soft spot for the young and the powerless. Everybody has to grow up, though, so there's an experation date on his sympathy.