Rene, Face of The Fold

"Who doesn't have a few secrets?"

The Basics

Full Name: Rene De La Greve
Apparent Age: 28
Occupation: Leader and front-man of The Fold
Demeanor: Visionary
Look: This young man appears to be in his later twenties, and stands somewhere near to six feet tall. His dirty blonde hair is in something of a rag-tag disarray atop his head, the front constantly falling in front of his beautiful, crystal blue eyes. Unmarked, tanned skin wraps around his delicate, supple features, giving him an almost angellic or fey quality. His face usually sports a day or two's growth, which looks amazing as it highlights his dazzling white smile. His figure is very lean, barely an ounce of fat on him, and scarcely any muscle besides. He usually wears a couple of plain hoops in his ears, and an assortment of hemp and bead bracelets and necklaces. Other than those, though, this man dresses very plain. Usually an off-white, wool or hemp shirt, with a simple, if not festive, embroidery for the collar and sleeves. His pants are almost always hemp or some sort of canvas or khaki shorts with cargo pockets, and his feet sport a pair of sandals.

Notable Information

Fame 5: Leader of globally-spanning 'cult' known as "The Fold".
Appearance 5: Rene is seriously one handsome devil. Even if he weren't so charming, or didn't have the devoted following of thousands, he would probably still be famous as a model or actor. People just love to look at him.
Supernatural Affiliations: None known. Seriously. Nobody knows if he's a Lasombra with a cult of Ghouls, a Were-Creature who's channeling Gaian spirits, a Mage who uses his magic to woo people, or perhaps…just maybe…he is a simple Mortal with no idea about the supernatural.