Rennie Marcel Durand

Grad Student

A generally upbeat and friendly sort of person, though he can be stubborn sometimes. He has a natural knack for adapting to new situations. He loves learning about new things and squirreling away facts in his rather sharp mind, even if sometimes his curiosity will lead him into getting carried away in the pursuit.



This is a sturdy young man in his mid twenties who stands just over five and a half feet tall, but can't make six even in boots. He has shoulder-length chestnut hair that riots in curls if he leaves it down. Currently, the front and sides are pulled back and secured with a piece of leather string. He has a square jaw and a high forehead for an open but strong face, softened by an expressive mouth and faintly defined eyebrows. Bright blue eyes peer sharply at the world through a set of wire frame glasses. He has two steel hoops in each ear and a necklace of braided plant material with a carved charm on the front that sits at the base of his throat. The pinky on his right hand is missing and there are some old burn scars. He wears a simple gold wedding band.


Rennie was raised by his mother. When they weren't traveling around the world, they lived in an artist's commune in France, between Paris and Troyes. An exceptionally bright child, he was mostly home schooled. At age 16, he moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University with a major in archeology and a minor in anthropology. His grades are top notch and each summer he has found a way to be included in one of the University's digs or expeditions. His marriage to Isabeau was recent and sudden and the two seem to have little in common, but have a clear affection for each other. He hasn't stated much past 'personal reasons' for his transfer to the University of Miami after returning from his latest summer spent in far away places.


RP Hooks and Notes

Are you an academic in a similar or related field? He might have heard of you or read one of your papers.

Purebreed: 2
Mild Food Alergy to Nuts.


Creed: Tree-Feller