Basic Info


Name: Rob Shelby
Stage Name: DJ Zephyr
Race: Human
Occupation: Trance DJ
Age: 21
Sign: Aquarius
Likes: Trance Music, fast cars, cigarettes, and Acid
Dislikes: Stuffy people, cops, buzzkills, and anyone who disses his music.


Standing at a short 5'2 is a Man with short cut black hair that is left in a myriad of spikes. His sea green eyes are covered by a pair of dark ray band sunglasses, and in each ear is a gauge earring. His skin is pale and left clean shaven and flawless with almost no blemish. Overall he has a slight elffen look to him.
He wears a black T-shirt that has green glow in the dark tribal designs along the front, tucked into a pair of blue jean wide legged jeans that flair out about his legs, falling over a pair of black doc Martins. His pants ride low, not overly sagging, but resting around his hips, and having a black leather silver studded belt around them. Over all this he has a black felt trench coat that flows down to his ankles, with a black leather silver studded armband on each wrist, and fingerless gloves on his hands. A backpack rides on his right shoulder.


Rob was born 21 years ago to a engineer and his homemaker wife. Middle class people, though their son, Rob, wasnlt what they expected out of their child. He hated school, and found it boring, he was more into music that his parents didn't like at all, and he would sneak out of his house at night, and tell his parents that they could suck the big one if they gave him grief. At the age of nine, he left home, moving in with his aunt, who found his knack for music and nurtured that. He learned the keyboard, turntables, and anything else that involves DJ music. She even got him his start by getting him a gig at a local Trance club. From there he let himself soar. Being famous at 16 for being a damn good DJ, having mixed a lot of CD's for partys, and having even DJayed them himself. he quickly gained status among the Musical underground, earning it by winning DJ battles, and helping the right people who helped him in turn. There are a few DJs out there who wish him off his high horse, and others who swear that they wouldn't battle him again. Now at the age of 21, he has earned himself a nice place in the underground, well known and able to get any gig he wants. He has his own pad, a nice flat where he practices or sleeps, which is during the day because raves and trance parties happen at night (duh).

RP Hooks and Notes

Rob is a DJ of the Trance and Freak House Type. He enjoys a good rythem with his own personal twist on it. He is known for being tripped out, drunk, and hung over a lot, though he does take his music seriously. With thisd in mind, I will be more then happy to add ambiance to a scene by playing the DJ for it.

I would like to see Rob get involved with a Female Vampire as her blood doll, not a ghoul, but just a blood doll (For now.) His good looks and maxed out charisma might be why.

A long term plot for Rob is to have him become well known through out Miami, not just in the underground, but by everyone.

I am open to any scene you have in mind as long as it fits my character. Rob wont attend a hoe down, or a black tie dinner party, unless someone were to persuade him to do so (Good luck.)


Sirus Rob's Tagger.