Sasha Gorlovich



This woman looks to be made of bone china and silk. If guessing, one may put her age at between eighteen and twenty-five or so. She is of average height, around 5' 6". Her skin is pale enough that veins can be seen at wrists and neck and her hair is long and black, falling to her waist. Her eyes are so dark brown that it is difficult to distinguish between pupil and iris, her nose is small and set above full lips. Her figure is slim and curved and she moves with the grace of a dancer. Her make-up is artful and not overdone, red lips and long lashes.


Her accent is decidedly Russian, although it's faded enough that she's either been taught English very well, or she's been speaking it a long time.

RP Hooks and Notes

I'm up for pretty much whatever. Please check with me if you think it might be something I'm not going to want to do, and I'll do the same with you.