Sidrya Zingaresche

The twenty six year old Sidrya Zingaresche is one of the few Rom left walking the Longest Road in these modern times and she takes it…everywhere she possibly can, with a penchant for stepping in where she’s uninvited and finding a reason to stay, usually because by that point she’s been asked to stick around.

Her casual ways and easy smiles tend to help the woman settle well regardless of who she’s around and there’s no small few she calls friend because of it though…most of them are of the opposite gender for the jealousy she tends to inspire in her own.

Still, she’s a woman with a motive though as of yet there’s no more than a handful who can claim to know the truth of what it is and just what exactly she’s come to Miami for but come she has with intentions to stay the duration, going so far as to secure not just a job, because she's often seen at the botanica on West Flagler but also…with the help of financial backers unknown to most, a business for herself - a burlesque joint called Indulgence. Fate moves itself in the most unlikely of ways though and with it, she's found herself one of the Awakened.

Bart (Recket)
Bastion Kincaid
Benedict Mercade
Donovan Kavanagh
Jason (Blackthorne)
Jules (Nobel)

RP Hooks

Perpetual Flirt: Be it some innate piece of her charm or simply the inability to control herself, she finds it far too easy and it isn’t always gender specific for it seems she won’t turn down a bid for company when there’s the potential to gain information from it; particularly if you’re lacking a pulse.

Blood Doll: But only if you’re nice! The woman seems to have a penchant for kindred and knows a good deal about not only the creatures themselves, but their hierarchy not that she’s prone to letting on, but if you ask her nicely, she’s not beyond letting someone grab a drink if she gets a little something in return.

Hunter: This secret is kept closely guarded and worn neatly beneath the belt and she’ll team up with anyone who shares similar thoughts as long as they don’t threaten to blow her cover.

Finder: For a fee, a nominal fee, the woman can find the lost. Lost items, lost people and she’s not limited on the scope…talking her into parting with such information on the other hand is something else entirely.

Networker: The woman has connections and no fear of making new ones, information is the name of the game and she's willing to trade for it, barter and otherwise use whatever means are available to her. If you're in the /know/ and willing - she'll find a use for you.

A small note on potential play:
Sid is played without limitations, by which I mean, if you’ve a villain, feel free to villianize, if she’d be hurt, hurt her. I won’t say no to a story just because it runs the risk of damaging the character and in fact, such conflicts and turmoil are welcome but in the same sense, keep in mind I also play her realistically by which I mean to simply warn that while I’ll accept back-stabbing, manipulation and attempted murder…expect the same in turn, just because she’ll snuggle up with you for a while doesn’t mean she won’t be out for your throat later.