In alphabetical order…

The Architect has a sense of purpose even greater than herself. She is truly happy only when creating something of lasting value for others. People will always need things, and the Architect strives to provide at least one necessity. Regain a point of Willpower whenever you establish something of importance or lasting value.

The autocrat wants to be in charge. He seeks prominence for its own sake, not because he has an operation's best interests at heart or because he has the best ideas (though he may certainly think so). He may genuinely believe others are incompetent, but ultimately he craves power and control. Regain a point of Willpower when you achieve control over a group or organization involving other individuals.

Bon Vivant
The Bon Vivant knows that life is shallow and meaningless. As such, the Bon Vivant decides to enjoy her time on Earth. The Bon Vivant is not necessarily irresponsible, but she is predisposed to having a good time along the way. Most are given to excess. Regain a point of Willpower whenever you truly enjoy yourself and can fully express your exultation. At the ST's discretion, a particularly fabulous revelry may yield multiple WP.

The Bravo is tough and a bully and often takes perverse pleasure in tormenting the weak. To the Bravo, might makes right. Power is what matters, and only those with power should be respected. Naturally, physical power is the best kind, but any kind will do. The Bravo sees overt threats as a perfectly reasonable means of gaining cooperation. The Bravo is not incapable of pity/kindness, but he does prefer to do things his way. Regain a point of Willpower any time you achieve your agenda through brutishness or intimidation, whether you physically, verbally, or socially cow your victims.

A Caregiver takes her comfort in consoling others, and people often come to her with their problems. Regain a point of Willpower when you successfully protect or nurture someone else.

The Celebrant takes joy in her cause. Whether the passion is battle, religious fervor, foiling rivals, or fine literature, it gives the Celebrant strength to withstand adversity. Given the chance, a Celebrant will indulge in his passion as deeply as possible, and pursues his passion not out of duty, but enthusiasm (as opposed to the Fanatic). Regain a point of WP when you pursue your cause or convert another character to the same passion. Conversely, lose a point of temporary Willpower whenever you are dentied your passion or it is badly lost to you.

Still immature in personality and temperament. He wants what he wants NOW, and often prefers someone to give it to him. Although he can typically care for himself, he would rather have a caretaker-type cater to his bratty desires. Some Child Archetypes are actually innocent rather than immature, ignorant of the cold ways of the real world. Regain a point of WP when you manage to convince someone to help you with no gain to hiself.

The Competitor takes great excitement in the pursuit of victory. To the Competitor, every task is a new challenge to meet and a new contest to win. Indeed, the Competitor sees all interactions as some sort of opportunity for her to be the best — the best leader, most producive, most valuable, or whatever. Regain one point of Willpower wherever you succeed at a test or challenge. Especially difficult victories may allow you to regain multiple points at ST discretion.

A follower, taking another's lead and finding security in the decisions of others. Prefers not to take charge, instead seeking to throw in with the rest of the group and lend her own unique aid. The Conformist is drawn to the most dynamic personality or the individual she perceives to be the "best". Regain 1 WP when the group acheives one of its goals due to your support.

Why work for something when you can trick somebody to get it for you? The Conniver is always trying to find the easy way. Some people call him a thief, swindler, or less pleasant things, but he knows that everybody in the world would do unto him if they could. He just does it first, and better. Regain 1 WP whenever you trick someone into doing something for you.

A Curmudgeon is bitter and cynical, finding flaws in everything and seeing little humor in life. He is often fatalistic or pessimistic, and has very little esteem for others. To the Curmudgeon, the glass is always half-full, though it may be damn near empty when other people are involved. Regain 1 WP when someone does something stupid, just like you said they would. You must predict this failure aloud (though you may simply whisper it to the ST if you wish).

The Deviant is a freak for his unique tastes. Deviants are not indolent rebels or shiftless "unrecognized geniuses." Rather, they are independent thinkers who don't fit into the status quo. They often feel the world stands against them, and as such reject traditional morality. Some have bizarre tastes/preferences/ideologies. Regain 1 Wp when you are able to flout social mores without retribution.

To the Director , nothing is worse than chaos and disorder. The Director seeks to be in charge, adopting a "my way or the highway" attitude on matters of decision making. The Director is more concerned with bringing order out of strife, however, and need not be truly "in control" of a group to guide it. Regain a point of Willpower when you influence a group in the completion of a difficult task.

You have a cause, or maybe the cause has you… You live, eat, breathe this cause (of course, if you pick this one, you have to define what that cause is). Regain Willpower when you accomplish something that furthers your cause.

You are flamboyant as hell, and love to be the center of attention. Gallants want company, if only to earn their adoration. The chase of attention is often as important as fulfilling the pursuit itself, whether for the love of performance or for being haunted by pitiful self-esteem.. Regain Willpower when you dazzle or impress another person.

Judge (Mediator)
The Judge perpetually seeks to improve the system. A Judge takes pleasure in her rational nature and ability to draw the right conclusion when presented with facts. The Judge respects justice, as it is the most efficient model for resolving issues. Judges, while they pursue the "streamlining" of problems, are rarely visionary, as they prefer proof to insight. Regain WP when you correctly deduce a mystery by assembling the clues presented, or when one of your arguments unites dissenting parties.

You have your own path and no desire to share it with anyone else. Regain Willpower when you manage to achieve a significant task without anyone else's help

The Martyr suffers for his cause, enduring his trials out of the belief that his discomfort will ultimately improve others' lot. Some simply want the attention or sympathy of their ordeals, while others are sincere in thier cause. Regain a point of Willpower when you sacrifice yourself or your comfort for your ideals/another's immediate gain.

Whether you find validation for your confidence by enduring the most harrowing, or you get your rocks off to your own suffering and pain, you're always trying to see just how much more trauma you can take before you collapse. Regain Willpower when you make it through a new and interesting painful experience.

The Monster knows that he is depraved and acts like it. Evil and suffering are the Monster's tools and he uses them wherever he goes. No villainy is below him, and no hurt goes uninflicted, no lie untold. The monster does not commit evil because he's evil, but as a means to understand what he has become. Malignant deeds reinforce the Monster's sense of purpose. Monster characters pick a specific atrocity, regaining willpower whenever they indulge in /that/ urge.

The Pedagogue knows it all, and desperately wants to inform others. Whether through a sense of purpose or a genuine desire to help, the Pedagogue makes sure his message is heard — at length, if necessary. Pedagogue Archetypes may range from well meaning mentors to verbose blowhards who love to hear themselves talk. Regain one point of Willpower whenever you see or learn of someone who has benefited from the wisdom you shared with them.

The Penitent exists to atone for the grave sin she commits by being, simply, who she is. Penitents either have low self esteem, or genuine, traumatic past experiences that makes them feel compelled to compensate for inflicting themselves on the world. Regain Willpower when you perform a feat that significantly alleviates your guilt or is a step in achieving the goal that will make up for your crime. If you roleplay out a feat that redeems you, the ST may allow you to gain one permanent point of Willpower and you change your Nature.

Perfectionists simply demand the best. A half-hearted job gives the Perfectionist no satisfaction, and she expects the same degree of commitment and attention do detail from others that she demands from herself. Although the Perfectionist may be strong and exacting, the achievement of the end goal drives her — and often those for whom she is responsible. Regain a point of willpower when you accomplish a goal without any demonstrable flaw or impediment.

You will do as you will, and ultimately desire freedom from unpleasant societal bonds. Regain Willpower when your rebellion against authority or the status quo turns out for the best.

Screw the world! You do what you need to look out for yourself and get done what has to get done. If someone else suffers in the process, that's just too bad. Regain Willpower when your methods gain you something of significant value.

No matter what happens, you'll pull through it somehow. You're one tough cookie, and don't understand why others give up so easily. Regain Willpower when you survive a difficult situation by the skin of your teeth.

Thrill seeker
The stakes are just never high enough. More adrenaline, please! Regain Willpower every time you willingly enter a life-threatening situation and then escape it.

The orthodox ways satisfy the Traditionlist, who prefers to accomplish her goals with time-tested methods. Why vary your course when what has worked in the past is good enough? The Traditionalist finds the status quo acceptable, even preferable, to a change that might yield unpredictable results. Regain a point of Willpower any time the proven ways turn out to be the best, or any time you successfully resist change for its own sake.

Your antics do more than amuse; your pranks and tricks have a point of teaching someone a lesson, or humorously but deftly reveal some wisdom. Regain Willpower when you are able to lift another person's spirits, specifically when there's no trace of your involvement.

The Visionary is strong enough to look beyond the mundane and perceive the truly wondrous. Visionaries test acceptd societal limits, and seek waht few others have the courage to imagine. The Visionary rarely takes satisfaction in waht society has to offer; she prefers to encourage society to offer what it could instead of what it does. Typically, society responds poorly to Visionaries, though it is they who are responsible for bringing about progress and change. Regain a point of Willpower each time you are able to convince others to have faith in your dreams and follow the course of action distracted by your vision.