Character Generation - Attributes

A character's raw, brute power. How much can he pick up, how hard he can hit, what he can break.

General physical prowess. Speed, agility, overall quickness, and ability to manipulate objects with control and precision, hand-eye coordination and bodily grace.

Health, toughness, resilience. How long can he exert himself, subject himself, and endure? Stamina can also be applied to mental fortitude, tenacity and grit.

Their ability to entice and please others through personality. Charisma is for winning another's sympathies, encouraging others to trust her, and a sample of her charm and influence.

Your character's ability for self-expression to get others to see things her way or follow her whims. Trickery, bluffing, fast-talking, and railroading other characters.

Your physical appearance and the way you carry yourself. For some people, they won't care for what you have to say if you're as ugly as a mud fence.

Your ability to think on your feet quickly and react under pressure. How fast are you to adapt to your surroundings or come up with a plan on the fly?

Your character's ability to react to his environment. This may involve conscious effort, but also is intuitive, like keen senses to notice things out of the ordinary or an environmental stimulus.

A character's grasp of facts and knowledge, not necessarily indicative of their formal education. It's their critical thinking, flexibility of thought, and problem-solving aptitude.

What do points here mean?

1 - An individual with a 1 in an attribute denotes that the person in particular was bestowed with a very, very minimal amount that he likely only has gotten for the sake of existing. For instance, if you have 1 strength, you must either be a teenage girl, or Noodlearms McNerdpants. If you have 1 appearance, you are an unfortunate soul who probably is the subject of many stares and head-turns. Charisma of 1 would denote a particularly craven person.

2 - An individual with a 2 in an attribute suggests that the person is "average" here. An appearance of 2 is someone who could very well be attractive in the right clothing, but isn't some kind of blond bombshell. An intelligence of 2 is a perfectly mentally capable person. Wits of 2 would suggest a person who is just as able to think under pressure as the next person.

3 - An individual with a 3 in an attribute reflects above average ratings in that particular attribute. Intelligence of 3 would be for honors students and gifted kids, for instance. Appearance of 3 would suggest a particularly attractive girl who gets drinks bought for her at bars. Manipulation of 3 would suggest a person who knows how to get what she wants, when she wants it, with the right amount of finesse, from a great host of people.

4 - 4 in an attribute is touching the stuff of legend. As examples, dexterity of 4 would describe someone who moves with the grace of a professional dancer, stamina of 4 would be like an Olympic athlete, strength of 4 is someone whose crazy man-shoulders could break records. This is when people start seriously noticing you for whatever talent you may have.

5 - When someone has 5 in an attribute, that particular attribute likely sways their day to day existence and the repercussions usually outweigh the benefits because they are so specialized to this particular end. For instance, intelligence of 5 may shackle someone into a tortuously lonely experience because they are too smart to even relate or have patience with other people. Appearance of 5 may gain equally as much envy as awe and make you the target of other people.