Generic Backgrounds

Allies are /humans/ who support and help you. Family, friends, or even some organization. Though allies aid you willingly, they can only do so much in the name of friendship.
1. one ally of moderate influence and power
2. two allies both of moderate power
3. three allies, one of whom is moderately influential
4. four allies, one of whom is very influential
5. five allies, one of whom is extremely influential

You have one! For whatever reason, whether you're a gun collector or a hunter or some paranoid guy convinced the end is near, somewhere on your property is at least a gunsafe.
1. You own or have inherited a modest collection of rifles, shotguns, and a few handguns. Equipment can include army-surplus rucksacks, rations, or first aid kits.
2. You own a substantial collection of firearms: pistols and long guns, possibly including vintage semiautomatic military rifles. Equipment can include high power binoculars, urban camo fatigues, or a police scanner.
3. You're a serious collector, owning various pistols, shotguns, and even semiauto assault rifles. The gear in your basement could easily outfit a group of "rough-it" campers, and your supplies could include night-vision goggles, body armor, or military surplus radios.
4. You're a fixture at local gun shows and you make your neighbors nervous. Your sizable collection includes fully-automatic weapons (including submachine guns) and might contain exotic types such as sniper rifles or rare antiques. Equipment includes police-issue sap gloves, electronic eavesdropping devices, or lightweigh ttactical radios used by special forces.
5. People like you give the ATF nightmares. Your large collection includes heavy weapons — vintage machine guns, mortars, grenades. They're old, but servicable. Modern equipment might include SWAT-team body armor, military-grade GPS navigation hardware, or even surplus military vehicles.

You enjoy widespread recognition for some talent or doing of yours. This is as much of a boon as it is an inconvenience.
1. You're known to a select subculture of the city.
2. You're a local celebrity whose face is largely recognized.
3. Your renown is statewide.
4. You are nationally famous.
5. You're an internationally famous media icon.

You have pull in the mortal community, whether through wealth, prestige, political office, blackmail or supernatural manipulation.
1. Moderately influential:a factor in city politics.
2. Well-connected: a force in state politics.
3. Position of influence: a factor in regional politics
4. Broad personal power: a force in national politics
5. Vastly influential: a factor in global politics.

Fake ID
1. You may have a fake drivers' license, or take on a persona when you go out, but your identity wouldn't stand up to too much.
2. Your fake papers could get you a job and stand up to casual scrutiny.
3. You could weather a background check from the local police. You have a small amount of respect and recognition as your alternate identity within your chosen social sphere.
4. You are recognized by many as your alternate identity and carry respect from them. The Feds might be able to crack you, but not without some trying.
5. You are in a position of power as your alternate identity, and nearly no-one could suspect a thing about your records, much less put a mark on them.

How much you're worth and your standard of living.
1. Lower class. If liquidated, you would have about $1,000 in cash. Disposable income: $500 a month.
2. Middle class. If liquidated, you would have about $8,000 in cash. Disposable income: $1200 a month.
3. Large savings. If liquidated, you would have about 50,000 in cash. Disposable income: $3000 a month.
4. Upper class. If liquidated, you would have about $500,000 in cash. Disposable income: $9000 a month.
5. Exuberantly rich. If liquidated, you would have about $5,000,000 in cash. Disposable income: $30,000 a month.

This trait represents a veteran or more than one in your specified sphere who looks out for you, offers guidance, or even aid once in a while.
1. Mentor is middlingly influential.
2. Mentor is respected by most.
3. Mentor is heavily influential
4. Mentor has a great deal of power over the city
5. Mentor is extraordinarily powerful/influential.

You know people who are not your friends (thus may need some bribing or coercion) but can get something done for you. They can be police, DMV clerks, club bouncers or even hotdog vendors. Each dot in contacts represents one individual.
book status
Whatever organization you're in, you're no longer the last link in the chain.
1 Known: a member.
2 Respected: A member who has proven their worth.
3 Influential.
4 Powerful.
5 Practically in charge.

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