Hunter Backgrounds

Bystanders are your character's companions who, like her, were exposed to the Message when it was delivered, but unlike her, failed to act at the scene. They haven't forgotten what they witnessed, though. They've seen the evil, too. Although many bystanders are sympathetic to your character's cause, they have various reasons for helping her. Generally, bystanders are not as powerful as hunters in head-on battles with the supernatural. They have no second sight or edges and should not be expected to participate, except in dire circumstances. You know 1 Bystander per dot you purchase.

Your character had a run-in with the supernatural before she was imbued. Maybe she saw a pack of wild dogs tear through the shopping mall or was a part of a cult based on something more tangible than deluded faith. She never understood the encounter fully and shut it out, rationalized it desperately or simply dismissed it. Now that she has been chosen, your character understands her past experience for what it was. This information gives her insights into the supernatural from time to time. But be forewarned that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Sometimes perceptions are deceptive. Your character may know just enough about the supernatural to get into trouble, but not enough to survive it.

Everyone has her role in shaping the future, but people with Destiny seem to have an enormous part to play. Destined people have been known to die before fullfilling their roles. Such deaths are seldom inglorious and are never unimportant. For eah dot your character possesses in this background, you an make one re-roll per game session. If a single roll fails or does not achieve the successes that you hoped for, you can roll again. Only one re-roll is allowed for any given action. Re-rolls are even allowed for Conviction invested Edge rolls, perhaps avoiding the loss of any risked Conviction points.

Every Hunter recieves a Message. Often, that first moment is all they are ever really exposed to. Others recieve infrequent but helpful messages from some inexplicable source, unnatural urges or knowledges, or visions. Some are practically stalked by their Herald.
1. You are contacted now and again, maybe 3 or 4 times since you were Imbued.
2.A few times a season or so, with dire messages only.
3. A few messages every month.
4. You are contacted at least weekly.
5. You are contacted so frequently that you take precautions against mishaps by refusing to swim or drive alone, for example.

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