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Would you like to try out a sphere but don't know a lot about the game environment/mechanics/what you should do to get involved? That doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to learn!

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Character Generation - The Stats Explained

Archetypes: When creating a character, you decide on the Nature and Demeanor of the character, where a Nature is that character's personality as true to their own self, and a Demeanor is the facade that they show to others to get along in the world. You assign one of many different archetypes to these two stats. Follow the link here for an alphabetical explanation of the archetypes.

Attributes: Each character has nine attributes, which describe the basic structure of someone's personality. These are things each individual has by sheer merit of being alive (wits, intelligence, strength…). Follow the link here for explanations of the attributes.

Abilities: Talents, Skills and Knowledges are areas of ability and expertise that an individual is not born into knowing, such as different languages, or how to wield a weapon.

Backgrounds: Backgrounds describe the character's influence on the world, their personal investments, allies, and provides a little bit of insight on their lifestyle.

Generic Backgrounds + Vampire Backgrounds + Werewolf Backgrounds + Hunter Backgrounds + Mage Backgrounds

Merits and Flaws: These are idiosyncrasies for your character put into gaming mechanics, like maybe your character is a light sleeper, or especially talented at anything that has to do with computers.

Merits A-L + Merits M-Z + Flaws A-L + Flaws M-Z + Werewolf + Vampire + Hunter + Mage


Crossover Stats for Spheres: For questions like, how does a Discipline that targets self-control work on a werewolf?
Disciplines: A listing of the Vampiric disciplines and what they do.