Renown refers to a social summary of your accomplishments — what you're known for, and whence you garner respect (and rank). The requirements for advancing in rank differs from auspice to auspice when it comes to the renown they need (because one who exemplifies their nature is to be respected). To gain renown, you amass 10 points of temporary Renown by being awesome (storytellers and fellow RPers will +vouch for you), and then it gets turned into 1 permanent Renown point. If you're unfortunate enough to lose renown (much easier!), your temporary pool suffers the deficit. If you can't make up the points in temporary renown, though, you loose your hard-earned permanent renown. The standard Renown types are Glory, Honor, and Wisdom.

Sample behavior regarding…

Glory: Proving your badassery in the physical sense. Surviving an incapacitating wound, participating in a just challange, or even going toe-to-toe against crazy odds and surviving the risks. But, if you suffer a fox frenzy, display cowardice or run from a fight, especially if the consequences harm others, then you LOSE renown.

Honor: Being Mr. Stoic Hero. Performing chores and duties for your sept on a regular basis, protecting others and the helpless, performing a moot or punishment rite, and other duties of altruism will earn you some Honor. But, speaking ill or out of place at a moot, participating in an unjust challenge, harming the Veil, and other such behaviors will make you lose Honor.

Wisdom: Making yourself a mental asset. Learn rites, create talens, give advice that becomes a boon later, discoverg awesome things like caerns or gifts, become prophetic! These are the things on the wisdom to-do list. Try to avoid frenzies, missing moot rites, breaking fetishes and being Mr. Bad Decisions.

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