Animal ken
It takes a special touch to handle animals, especially if they are hurt or frightened. Animal Ken lets you know how to interact with an animal in such a way that gains its trust, for training animals, and for working animals.

Crafts allows a character to create lasting beauty or repair for useful and functional articles with a variety of materials and media. This stat is one of those stats that you specify, or else it is assumed to be generic household repair.

Pretty self-explanatory. The greater your skill, the larger the variety of vehicles you can use.

Despite just good manners and social graces, etiquette concerns general diplomacy, haggling and seduction.

Another self-explanatory stat. This one is your knowledge of gun safety, types, repair, and experience with guns in and out of combat.

Fighting with a weapon, such as a spear, sword, et cetera.

In her chosen area of expertise, such as music, dance, or acting, the character has attained a level of success and skill (so, this skill must be specified when it is bought).

Familiarity with tools and techniques for picking locks, deactivating car/burglar alarms, hot-wiring automobiles, and even safecracking, as well as countless forms of breaking and entering. Security is not only for theft, but for setting up the "unbeatable system" or deducing where a thief broke in.

Moving so that you can't be seen or heard. Making use of cover and shadow. Note that stealth used in the wilderness cannot exceed a character's survival score: skulking about in a dark alley is different from maneuvering through the woods.

Living off of the land is more than eating fruits and berries and drinking from a creek. Finding shelter, tracking, navigating through dangerous territory. Note that stealth used in the wilderness cannot exceed a character's survival score.

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