Character Creation: A Guide

Welcome to the Chargen Hub. Follow the tabs above to access pages that detail the stats in the character generation proces. This is to help you understand in full how the character creation process works for World of Darkness characters. If you glance up a little bit you will notice tabs! They provide much more information on the specific stats that are mentioned on this page, so click on them when you need to know more!

Step 1: Character Concept

Develop a concept, which is a general idea of what your character is like and what ideas her design revolves around. This will give you a starting point, like, "I'm a coroner who wants to solve my brother's cold case murder." Determine your character's Nature and Demeanor (see Archetypes).

Step 2: Attributes

Now you will start the numbercrunching. It really doesn't take long! Attributes are what your character naturally, intrinsically is, the traits provided by having a mind and body (strength, intelligence, stamina, appearance, et cetera). Physical attributes embody the capacity of your body. Social attributes describe the capacity of your personality. Mental attributes reflect the capacity of your mind. All characters start with one dot in each Attribute by default, and on top of this you will build your points. If you are playing a supernatural character your attribute points are 7/5/3, which means you can spend 7 points in 1 category, 5 in another, and 3 in the other. If you are playing a mortal, the spread is 6/4/3. It is also an option on TRB to just spend your points willy nilly (Which means you have 15 points to spend on any attributes you want if you're supernatural and 13 to spend if you're not).

Step 3: Abilities

Abilities determine what your character has learned over the course of her life. Talents, Skills, and Knowledges are abilities. Because you are not naturally born to do the things described in Abilities (like you aren't born naturally knowing how to wield a knife), you start with 0 points in these abilities. As a supernatural, you have a point-spread of 13/9/5 and as a nonsupernatural you have a point-spread of 11/7/4. If you do not want to use the priority system, then you have 27 points as a supernatural to spend on your abilities in any order, and 22 to spend if you are not.

Step 4: Advantages

You do not prioritize or rank these stats.

Backgrounds: These represent what kind of holdings that your character has in life, like how much money they have, what their equipment is, what contacts they have. You have 5 points to spend in Backgrounds.

Virtues: If you are playing a human character, you have the virtues Conscience, Self Control, and Courage. Like Attributes, you have 1 default point in each, and you have 7 points to distribute between them. Conscience represents your sense of what is right and wrong. Self-control represents your ability to deny temptation and calm your temper. Courage is, well, your bravery! All 3 of these traits are rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

Other Advantages: See the sphere-specific tabs to see more information about Advantages.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Willpower: This rates how much self-control and courage that you have and is on a scale of 1 to 10. Your Willpower is determined by your racial traits. If you are a human character or a vampire character, it equals your Courage rating. If you are a mage, it defaults at 5, and if you are a Shifter, it is either 3 or 4, determined by your chosen Tribe.

Merits, Flaws, and Freebie Points: If you are a supernatural, you get 15 points, and if you are not, you get 21 freebie points. This number can be altered by taking Merits and Flaws.

Specialties: Any Trait that you have (attribute, abillity) whose rating is 4 or higher can be given a specialty, which is a situation in which you REALLY shine. For instance, if you have Firearms 4, then you could take a specialty in Revolvers to reflect that your character is a serious gunslingin' desperado.