Your basic knack for noticing your surroundings, even when you're not attentive. How much attention do you pay to the outside world?

Your physical prowess and training in both sports and physical exertion: swimming, climbing, running, jumping.

How well you fight in unarmed combat, whether from martial-arts training or plenty of barfights.

Your character's best defense is getting the hell out of there. Avoid blows, take cover, even evade oncoming cars.

To have empathy is not to be sympathetic. Empathy refers to your ability to gague and read people, to sympathise, feign sympathy for, or play with emotions as you see fit. You are an easy hand at discerning motives and may have an ear for lies.

Your ability to get your point across clearly and communicate with structure, skill, and aplomb.

Runs the gamut from subtle persuasion to brute force. A character with intimidation knows exactly when and how to apply pressure to make a target do his bidding.

Often paired up with Charisma, Leadership makes one the kind of person others support and serve. A leader knows what to say, hwo to say it, when to give hard orders and when to lead by example. Leadership is not about tricking people into following, but about making yourself into someone worthy to guide them.

Allows characters to blend into rough crowds, gather information and strike deals on the streets without too much attention. This Talent is the way to go to indulge in larceny, get the skinny on local crime, and fence stolen items.

All about figuring out the opponent's motivations and twisting them to your advantage while keeping your own interests a secret. High rates in Subterfuge denotes being a master of clever conversation.

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