Virtues (Hunter)

A hunter who acts based on Mercy seeks to understand, empathize and even rationalize with the enemy. Outright hostility establishes no common ground on which terms can be established. Unquestioned violence also diminishes friend and foe into one, with no chance for identity or change.

The war between humanity and monsterousities has two sides: perpetrator and victim. By their definition, humanity is the victim and it's hunters' duty to stand up in defiance. This is the Virtue of hunters who typically have one clear, all-encompassing perspective on and answer to the supernatural. For the most part that response is to "destroy it."

Hunters on this primary path pursue freedom for all. Rather than fight to win battles against the unknown, they fight to end the war. Vision supports no accepted truth that she hasn't tested herself. "Yes, the punishment should fit the crime, but should be punished, the criminal or the society that creates him?" In the fight against the unknown, her foremost question is: "How can this conflict be settled, once and for all?"

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